Alice: Asylum Draws Closer To Becoming Reality

Alice: Asylum is making pre-production progress. Back in 2000, a little known developer created a game called "American McGee’s Alice". It went fairly under the radar. Those who had played it were welcomed by a totally new spin on the Alice In Wonderland story. This universe is dark and twisted and revolves entirely around mental illness. These themes continue in the upcoming Alice: Asylum

Alice: Asylum Draws Closer To Becoming Reality
In 2011, Alice: Madness Returns arrived. With its flagship arrival on consoles, people started to take notice of the franchise. Fast forward to now and the niche fan base for the Alice games will be delighted to learn American McGee is working on his pitch to EA (who have always published the games) for a third installment. Although, unfortunately for McGee, EA believes his Alice franchise is not something that can make an adequate amount of money. After all, it’s a single player focused game that we doubt can have microtransactions injected into it.

As a result, McGee is working on his ultimate pitch to EA to bring Alice: Asylum into reality, rounding off a full trilogy for the franchise. Perhaps, after all the late 2017 controversy surrounding EA’s business practices, McGee would be better off looking elsewhere? So, for now American McGee needs your help to convince EA this is a good idea; that this is a project worth starting.

Alice: Asylum Draws Closer To Becoming Reality - Early concept art
You can help to make this a reality. A little like signing a petition, McGee has set up an email mailing list in an attempt to prove to EA there is an audience for this. You can contribute yourself and it won’t take a minute! A certain member on the KeenGamer team has a lot of love for this franchise. And rightly so as the Alice games so far have rooted themselves firmly in his mind due to great storytelling, original style combat and an unforgettable art style. Check out the trailer for Madness Returns below, if you missed it on the last generation. It’s never too late to go back!

While progress is indeed slow, steps are being made towards McGee’s ultimate goal. Currently, sign ups to his mailing list stand at around 30k! His Patreon page is currently earning $5620 per month. This has enabled McGee to take on Omri Koresh, a clearly talented artist suited to the role of helping build McGee’s own twisted brand of Wonderland. This is great news and McGee has recently stated  We're making insane progress towards our Alice: Asylum pre-production goals.” With all the progress American McGee is making in funding Alice: Asylum, there grows a stronger chance to self publish and leave the trappings of EA behind.

Stick around at KeenGamer for future updates on release dates and other details. 

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