Original Star Wars: Battlefront II Gets New Patch

Despite the beautiful graphics and sound, many players perceive the original Star Wars: Battlefront II to be superior EA's attempts at the series. After the multiplayer support was turned last October, the classic Star Wars game has received another patch to make the overall gameplay better.

Original Star Wars: Battlefront II Gets New Patch
Disney, who purchased the Star Wars rights from Lucasfilm in 2012, says the patch is minor, but it includes things like minor bug fixes and improved lobby functionality. In addition, Steam usernames will be correctly displayed, and ping calculations will be more accurate going forward. 

As previously stated, the original Star Wars: Battlefront II received a major update back in October, when online multiplayer support was restored after it being switched off years ago. Since then, the game has seen a significant rise in concurrent players – especially after the loot box controversy in EA's attempt at Battlefront II. The new Battlefront has since then received new DLC focused around the release of the new Star Wars film – The Last Jedi – which received mixed reviews from critics. The new DLC (which is thankfully free) added new maps and two new characters. 

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