DLC for 100% Orange Juice is out on Steam

Fruitbat Factory is happy to reveal two new characters for 100% Orange Juice. Yuki (Dangerous) and Tomomo (Casual) - who by the power of ice cream transforms into the legendary Tomomo (Sweet Breaker) - are re-imaginings of two popular core game characters, taking on a wholly different role and a fresh look. The pair makes their flashy appearance in the 100% Orange Juice - Yuki & Tomomo Renewal Pack.

DLC for 100% Orange Juice is out on Steam

The new characters are designed by Orange Juice’s original staff for the game’s English Steam release, with character and card artwork by Hono. 

The Yuki & Tomomo Renewal Pack is released alongside version 1.24. Full patch notes for version 1.24 can be viewed on Steam. There is also a Christmas Event currently active in 100% Orange Juice until January 15!

Character Pack includes:
– Yuki (Dangerous) from ‘QP Shooting – Dangerous’ 
– Tomomo (Casual), who magically transforms into Tomomo (Sweet Breaker) 
– New, unique Hyper Cards and mechanics to disrupt the battlefield 
– New music tracks play as as the 3 characters’ themes

100% Orange Juice – Yuki & Tomomo Renewal Pack DLC comes priced at $1.99. It is now available for purchase with a -10% launch discount, with an additional -10% discount for owners of the 100% Orange Juice – All Stars Collection. 

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