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Cuphead Sells Two Million Copies on Xbox One and PC

The unique side-scrolling retro platformer has reached another sales milestone today.

Cuphead Sells Two Million Copies on Xbox One and PC
2D retro platformer Cuphead has sold two million copies across Xbox One and PC platforms, developer Studio MDHR stated today via Twitter.

"Even in our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters would be embraced by this many fans from around the world and we are continuously humbled by your support,” the team stated.

"So to everyone who has drawn fan art, composed memes, performed songs, conquered challenge runs, streamed their playthrough, or just played Cuphead and had a good time, we love and appreciate all of you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Seeing as how the game sold over one million copies just two weeks after launch, today's news doesn't come as much of a surprise. Congratulations to the team over at Studio MDHR for the wonderful accomplishment!

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