Super Hydorah releases today on PS4 and PS Vita

The final battle for the future of the Universe has just begun. The Meroptians are here, and only you, the most skilled and deadliest pilot in the galaxy, can face them.
Super Hydorah releases today on PS4 and PS VITA

Abylight Studios
and Locomalito are proud to announce that Super Hydorah is available today, December 13th, on PS4 and PS Vita! After landing on Xbox One and Steam, this shoot’em up masterpiece (Metascore 82 on Metacritic) will offer you a challenging experience on all SONY platfoms. The game will be available for $19.99 / €19,99 with Cross-buy option.

Gameplay trailer for Super Hydorah:

Prepare your weapons and start your engines: Super Hydorah arrives!

Super Hydorah is a nonlinear horizontal shoot’ em up designed to offer a challenging and memorable experience. A game that sublimates the richness of traditional shmup classics with direct action and a wide variety of unique spatial situations.

Make sure to check our Super Hydorah review for Steam version of the game.

Key Features

  • Easy to learn, damn hard to master!
  • 21 levels divided into 35 sublevels, 35 bosses and more than 100 enemies
  • Non-linear level layout with route selection
  • Dangers of different nature in each level (not just bullets)
  • Weapon selection and power-ups in every mission
  • Memorable and epic original soundtrack by Gryzor87
  • Secrets, multiple endings, achievements and rank system

PS4 version Features

  • 3 Game modes: Single Player, Local Multiplayer Co-op and cooperative minigame called Robot Chase
  • Trophies and cross-buy option

PS Vita version Features

  • Single player mode only
  • Robot chase minigame adapted to single player
  • Trophies and cross-buy option

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