Skyrim – 8 Best Mods For A Laugh

When Bethesda releases a game to a PC audience, you can bet your bottom dollar, the community is going to get modding. Some modders take the serious route and we love them. They essentially give us free DLC. But there’s plenty out there with skill who just want to dick about. You can be sure there’s more articles out there about those modders. Like this one.

Skyrim - 8 Best Mods For A Laugh

If you're new to modding and would like to get started, familiarise yourself with Nexus Mod Manager as this is the source of mods discussed. You can do that easily with our guide.

8. The Staff of Sweet Rolls (And Cheese) 

Whether we’re playing Fallout or Elder Scrolls, there’s always going to be Sweet Rolls. We love Sweet Rolls. Why not show the inhabitants of Skyrim (and our enemies) just how much we worship the Church of Sweet Roll by creating great bouties of them with magic?! Yes, it’s ridiculous and we love it. Not do we get to smite our foes but we also get dessert for doing it. If this gets a little tired out, you could also go for a cheese wheel meteor, raining dairy death upon your enemies from above, regardless of whether they’re lactose intolerant! 

Skyrim - 8 Best Mods For A Laugh - Sweet Roll heaven

7. Animated Fart Shouts

C’mon we’ve all thought of doing it, haven’t we? Maybe it was just me and my toilet humour brain. With Animated Fart Shouts we can… well, it speaks for itself doesn’t it? We don’t believe you have a soul if you set your enemies on fire through the power of flatulence and don’t laugh. The beauty of this one is that it won’t ever mess with your game’s performance. So go ahead and adventure forth in Skyrim one fart at a time! 

6. Katamari Dohvakiin

Remember Katamari Damacy? Well in case you don’t, it was all about rolling about and gathering up junk. As it stuck to you, you’d grow in size until you were an unstoppable ball of detritus. So the name of this mod is no coincidence. A little glitchy coding can go a long way as Katamari Dohvakiin literally turns you into a people magnet. Eventually, you’ll have a proudly gathered trail of NPC’s trailing behind you like the most ridiculous cloak of flesh and bone. Sounds dark but when you see it in action you’ll only be crying through laughter. Unfortunately with this one, it’s a case of “the more powerful your computer, the more fun you’ll have”. The bigger a pile of NPCs build up behind you, the more of a hefty workout your PC is going through. 

5. Posh Mudcrabs

As we explore rough terrain of Skyrim we’ll often a see mudcrabs. Annoyingly, they’ll often clack away your ankles first. We skewer and collect their innards without a second thought. Well, in the case of Posh Mudcrabs, you may be a little less inclined to be so barbaric to the noble race. Here, our Mudcrabs will be adorning a top hat and monocle for the oh so special occasion of seeing you, of course. What ho, old chap! 

4. The Phantom Of The Werechair 

Sure, we can become a Werewolf in Skyrim (it’s almost nine years old, I don’t think we need to worry about spoilers here). Frankly it’s not even that great. We have to work super hard to get it and once it’s there, it’s not really that fun. So why not spice things up a bit… With a classic Skyrim slab chair! You know, the ones that look really heavy? By becoming one of these chairs, players can enjoy sliding about “menacingly”, like some kind of badly done Doctor Who villain, squishing anyone they please under their mighty slab-ness…

Skyrim - 8 Best Mods For A Laugh - BECOME the chair

3. Skyrim Laugh Track

A little more subtle this one. Seeing it in action is far more justification for how funny it is than me writing about it. So check out the video below. Skyrim Laugh Track will place your unfortunate self into a Skyrim sitcom. Every time you mess up, the audience will be there to laugh at you, mockingly. No really, it’s fun. 

2. Zoidbergs Instead of mudcrabs

Perhaps the Posh Mudcrabs wasn’t quite to your tastes. The poor and humble race of Mudcrabs have been subjected to yet another merciless coding overlord. This time, we get Zoidbergs from Futurama. With two versions of hilarious Mudcrab on this list for your bitter amusement, which one is your favourite? 

1. Really Useful Dragons 

What kind of an amateur would I be if hadn’t placed the glorious Thomas The Tank Engine at number one position here? This stroke of genius sees all dragons of Skyrim replaced with a sinister Thomas, choo-chooing around the skies above. All roars are replaced with Thomas’ trademark “toot toot” and his world renowned face now spewes out fire and destroys anyone or anything that pisses him off. What more do you want? 

Special Mention -- The Amazing Horse

As much we love Bethesda titles, they are renowned for their glitches. Such massive open worlds with deep RPG systems are bound to have them here and there. In all my time witnessing hilarious glitches, this one really took top position for me. The one that really stuck in my mind after all these years. Sure, not really a mod. Sure, the user has overlayed sound to make it extra hilarious… well, I’ll let you check it out for yourself.

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