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Hyakki Castle Now Available on PC

The well-renowned Japanese videogame publisher, Happinet, have officially announced today in a press release that its beautifully stylized real-time dungeon RPG game, Hyakki Castle, has been launched onto PC via the gaming platform Steam. The game is now available to western players, and captivates players by transporting them to a terrifying haunted castle, where players are charged with leading a party to subdue the castle’s miserable lord.

Hyakki Castle Now Available on PC
Hyakki Castle, is set during the 18th century 'Edo Period' of Japan; the game brings classic Japanese 'Fantastical World' folklore and ghost stories to life with an unforgettable Ukiyoe art style as players explore the frightening halls of the castle, battling forbidding demons and terrifying ghosts along the way. Players get the opportunity to choose between a Samurai or Ninja in order to venture into the enormous castle, filled with clever and cunning traps, to do battle, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and ultimately defeat the gloomy Lord of the castle.

All of us are particularly enthusiastic for the opportunity to add our contribution to the dungeon RPG genre, creating a thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful experience, said Masaru Saito, Producer at HappinetWe’re proud that Hyakki Castle showcases the deep roots of Japan’s rich folklore and hope it delivers an exceptional and gratifying experience to RPG fans around the world.

Game Details/Features: 

– 2 Party System: Split your party of up to four players for unparalleled strategy and party options in this unique approach to the real-time dungeon genre.
– Real-time RPG Action: Become a Samurai or a Ninja, create a party, and venture forth to do battle, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and explore a mysterious castle to defeat its Lord.
– Classic Japanese Setting: Clash with monsters and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore.
– Explore a Mysterious Castle: The enormous castle is filled with cunning traps, some of which can only be solved by dividing your party testing the players judgement and instinct.
– Unforgettable Soundtrack: The game features traditional Japanese music and ambient sound creating an environment of mystery, suspense and fear to the gameplay experience

To celebrate today’s launch, players will be able to pick up Hyakki Castle on the PC gaming platform Steam at a 20% discount for $19.99 USD during a limited time launch week sale. As part of their commitment to continue support its community post-launch, Happinet also announced plans to release additional free dungeons within the year. If you wish to obtain additional information about the game, players are encouraged to visit the Hyakki Castle Steam page and Asakusa Studios website for more details. The 'Haunted Halls' trailer for the newly released game can be viewed below:

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