Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games

Games from a first-person perspective give you an amazing opportunity to fill the shoes of your characters and immerse yourself in the game world like no other genre could. Check out these 10 first-person games that feature a thick atmosphere that makes them a real joy to play through.

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-person Games


We all love games that make the time fly by. Rich and detailed worlds with immersive stories that have you feeling disoriented once you finally step away from the screen. Below are some of the games that had that kind of effect on us so without further ado, let's jump right into it.

10. Star Wars Battlefront

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront is a game boasting DICE's Frostbite engine and I could have easily put most games using it in this spot. Battlefront took the cake because how thematic and true to franchise it is in terms of visuals. It's literally like stepping into a movie. Unfortunately, the game had some serious flaws in terms of how it plays to be higher on this list but here is hoping that Battlefront 2 fixes that and delivers an even more immersive and fun experience.

9. Firewatch

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Firewatch
Firewatch has you playing a fire lookout character in Wyoming. A mysterious story and great voice acting coupled with unique visual style will most definitely completely immerse you in the game. It's one of the more peaceful games on this list and the lack of shooting doesn't make it any less atmospheric, on the contrary, being a regular, day job person sometimes makes it all the more interesting.

8. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Far Cry Blood Dragon
Far Cry 3 DLC – Blood Dragon is a wonderful, over-the-top, quirky and highly atmospheric game. It literally feels like being in a 70's retro-futuristic robocop flick. The atmosphere grips you and never lets go. It boasts appropriate story, music, neon visuals and characters so badly cliched that they are actually tons of fun.

7. Elder Scrolls & Fallout gamesTop 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Elder Scrolls & Fallout

A combo entry on the list which I think no one can dispute. All of us religiously wait for a new game from these two franchises in hopes of exploring highly atmospheric, rich worlds at our leisure. There is something for everyone as one features high fantasy and the other one a more modern post-apocalyptic United States. True, you can play them in both first and third person, but you probably only play in the third person to check out your badass looking character and otherwise sink into complete first-person immersion.

6. Thief

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Thief
Set in a dark fantasy world inspired by VictorianGothic, and steampunk aesthetics, Thief is a series that will eat you right up. Although the older games are lacking in terms of visual fidelity – the atmosphere, the scenery and the sounds will creep into your mind like many better looking games today never could.

5. Alien Isolation

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Alien Isolation
If you ever wanted to feel dread like you are on board the Nostromo from the first Alien movie (although I can't tell you why you would want such a thing) this game is for you. The first person perspective brings Ridley Scott's vision to life in this immersive, highly atmospheric, but above all else intense game that will have you ducking under your table in real life to hide from that lumbering slimer called Alien.

4. Resident Evil 7

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7 is a good looking, immersive game. This makes its horror all the more horrifying. I'm not much for playing these kinds of games, but when you have to take a break from playing after 10 minutes when all you did was go through hallways of a creaking house – you know that the game has you sucked in.


Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Metro Last Light
Metro Last Light should be included in any discussion that concerns the atmosphere in games. The post-apocalyptic world created here perfectly conveys the sense of dread, sadness, and desperation like no other game in a similar setting. The attention to detail is almost second to none and sheer grittiness of it all will sometimes make you appreciate your warm living room once you take the headphones off and go make yourself a sandwich.


Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Bioshock
These games you probably fully expected to see here. Bioshock is a series that is narrative driven, linear affair that takes place either deep underwater or high up in the clouds, depending on the particular game. Whichever one you choose, you are sure to sink into a masterfully created world with a mysterious backstory and an atmosphere thick enough to cut through.

1. theHunter Call of the Wild

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games theHunter Call of the Wild
theHunter: Call of the Wild got an almost perfect score in our review. That's because the game is built with immersion in mind. The atmosphere of its realistic open world with life-like fauna coupled with dynamic weather, day and night cycles and realistic sounds is almost second to none. This game is fully capable of eating away at your time without you even doing much of significance, other than staring in awe at the absolute beauty that its world is.

Honorable mention: Star Citizen

Top 10 Most Atmospheric First-Person Games Star Citizen
Star Citizen can't be included in the list due to it's playable, but unfinished state but I think it deserves a mention. What's already in the game is shaping up to be one of the most immersive, atmospheric open space exploration games out there. The insane scope of gameplay possibilities that are being developed makes buying and playing this game feel more like joining a real-life space initiative.

So that's our list of top 10 most atmospheric first-person games out there. What games make your list? Let us know in the comments below.

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