Cambodia Bans New Kingsman Film

Cambodia has halted the release of the Kingsman: The Golden Circle, as the South East Asian nation argues that newly released blockbuster portrays them in a bad light. The new film, a sequel to the highly successful Kingsman: The Secret Service, was scheduled for a release on September 21st 2017. However, that was delayed as Westec Media attempted to resolve the issue regarding the censor’s concerns by cutting a line which had given offence.

Cambodia Bans New Kingsman Film
The line in question is: ”Cambodian land as the place where the terrorists stay and make trouble for the world.” The espionage comedy film includes scenes where spies seek out a drug lord’s hideout. “After we reviewed the
film we found some problems.” said Bok Borak, from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts told Cambodian English-language daily Phnom Penh Post.

After this the films producers agreed to edit the film and remove this controversial line, with the film being pushed back to a 12th of October 2017 release in the country. However, despite efforts being made to edit the film – the bans has still been maintained.

There has been criticism about ban on social media, but it is still unclear whether the ban will stay or go. Kingsman: The Golden Circle was released on the 20th of September 2017 in the UK and is available in most worldwide theatres/cinemas. 

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