Sparkle 2 Review (Switch)

Interested in puzzle games? or maybe you need to pass some time? Sparkle 2 is a great time killer and a good puzzle game to boot. Have fun relaxing playing a cool 3 match styled puzzle game with interesting power-ups.

Sparkle 2 Review (Switch)


Sparkle 2 is a 3-match style puzzle game; this new addition has good visuals and new power-ups added to the game. This was released on the Switch three weeks ago and is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch. The portability of the Switch makes this game fun to play on the bus or at school. The game itself is different, but at the same time, it keeps what we love about these games the same. If you ever played one of the games in the Zuma series, or you might have played a similar game on your phone recently with more recent titles. This should make you feel right at home, this game has the same feel as if you were playing one of those games. If you never played a 3-match styled puzzle game then this is a great game to get into.

You can purchase Sparkle 2 for the Switch for 7.99$.

Sparkle 2 Review (Switch) Matching three orbs together


The story for Sparkle 2 is relatively simple, you hear a story about five keys that can unlock a valuable treasure. No one else has been able to find the keys or the treasure, and the quest itself is dangerous. But your character steps up to the challenge to find the keys, the cutscenes and animations aren't bad themselves. But you aren't playing for a deep rich story here, more for the gameplay and interesting mechanics. If the story has a deeper lore or meaning you can't really tell from the visuals or story alone. However, it is nice that this game has a plot to follow– it’s also easy to understand for the most part. The other game modes don't really add to the story, they just add more levels to do once you finish the main story. After you finish the story that is when the game opens fully, it offers more challenges and harder game modes to play. Games like this you don't normally play for the story but they usually have something to follow in terms of story. It was nice of them to add some cutscenes as well when you get through levels those are nice.

Sparkle 2 Review (Switch) Multi-shot powerup


This is the meat of Sparkle 2 and what it offers in terms of gameplay, you usually have one or two different lines of orbs following a set path. Your job is to match up the right colors and make sure they don't get into one of the holes around the map. If one falls in its game over, this game mixes the gameplay up with certain power-ups that spawn in the game. You can get certain power-ups that can push the orbs back or blow up a certain color, these help make the game fun and refreshing. After you start completing more levels you start to earn new abilities, these can make life easier by helping you shoot faster or giving you a magnet to pull in power-ups. There are at least 16 different abilities you can unlock in the game, so you have a good variety to choose from. You also have a lot of levels to complete with over 90 different levels to choose from. There are different modes you can choose from like survival, challenge, and cataclysm. You can unlock these modes by playing the story, these modes offer more of the same in terms of content but offer a more difficult game experience for Veteran players. If you want the highest difficulty you can try the Nightmare mode, this can also be unlocked through the story. This game has different levels of difficulty for players new and old which is nice. The game overall has good gameplay and is relaxing to play, the overall atmosphere it brings is well done and polished.

This game has a lot of levels to choose from and explore, each level has a different vibe from the music and background given to it. The more you progress the harder it gets, but it gets harder gradually depending on the difficulty setting you choose. The survival mode is an endless mode that eventually increases speed and difficulty. It adds more orbs just like nightmare mode, if you want a break from story mode this is a good mode to try. Nightmare mode is hard from the start and increases difficulty as you go on. If you want something challenging but not endless I would try Nightmare mode.

Sparkle 2 Review (Switch) Windmill cutscene


The graphics for Sparkle 2 aren't amazing, but they do add to the story and show certain parts off to the player. When you have levels like "Firefly Meadow" you can see the details in the game that make you think "This is definitely a firey Meadow." The art style that is used and the vibrant colors that are used are nice to see. Now, for cutscenes and other animated parts, you won't see much animation added to it. However, it does work for the style of the game and does look nice nevertheless. The overworld itself is a grassy plane with different areas colored onto it, your character travels around on that map and the visuals there aren't bad either. The visuals overall are nice for what you get and I appreciate the work put into it.

Sparkle 2 Review (Switch) Sparkle 2 level


The audio for this game is a great addition. When you first get to the intro screen you hear a mysterious adventure theme that just works for this game. Levels have wonderful soundtracks for their area, jungle terrains have a deep mystic vibe to it while water areas have a high brass tone to it. The music in this game really fits well, the composer Jonathan Greer really captured the essence of a mystic landscape. Overall the music in this game is wonderful, all the notes are hit well and none of the songs feel out of place or forced. Games like this sometimes don't have music but this game having it is wonderful. Jonathan Greer also has music for the latest Switch entry Owlboy which should be another great addition.


I think that Sparkle 2 is a game worth playing, it's a great puzzle game to kill downtime– if you like puzzle games it is also something to consider. Now you probably won't be playing it all the time or even replaying it again for the challenges, but this is a solid puzzle game and worth a try. After a while, it does get repetitive and it is still much of the same but there is a good amount to enjoy here for what it is worth. Overall you get a good soundtrack, lots of levels to explore, and a cool power-up mechanic to help you through all these levels. If you have some money I would say buy it– if you can try the game at all I recommend it.

 + Addicting fun – Repetitive
 + Nice gameplay – Not much replay value
 + Good visuals

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