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The Overwatch Halloween Event Is Finally Here!

Author: Jared Allen

Category: News

Reader beware... Overwatch is now full of scares! Welcome to the Overwatch Halloween Event, reVAMPed and better than before! The Zomnics wont stand a chance this time!

The Overwatch Halloween Event Is Finally Here!
Ah... Fall has come once more, and with it, plenty of ghoulish monsters and things that go bump in the night. Yep, it's that time of year again, and Overwatch is still wasting no time this horrifying holiday season. Jeff Kaplan and his team at Blizzard have filled our baskets and pillowcases with plenty of wonderful new treats, as well as old classics that we've been waiting a full year for!

Not only are we greeted with the same jack-o-lootbox and goodies from last year, but now we have eight, count em, EIGHT new legendary skins! Reaper, Zenyatta, Symmetra, and even Torbjorn (among others) are walking home tonight with amazingly designed skins. Not only that, but fans from last year will also finally get an adaptation of McCree's "Vampire Hunter" costume from the comic in the form of his Van Helsing skin. Zenyatta, Zarya, and Mei also bring new legendary skins to the table. Needless to say, they are stunning and even somewhat humorous (looking at you, Zarya).

The Overwatch Halloween Event Is Finally Here!. Get to the point already
Okay, okay. Well, besides the always sought after new skins of any event, this halloween event also brings us new sprays and voice lines. All the characters that where previously available at the time of the first version of the Halloween event get just one new voice line, whilst Sombra, Doomfist, and Orisa get TWO voice lines as well as a "Trick or Treat" spray each. We also get new victory poses for characters like Tracer (surprise, right?), Sombra, Orisa, and a few others.

Strangely enough, We're left with only one highlight intro (for Roadhog), and two emotes (for Mei and Torbjorn) that are new. Though probably disappointing, It'd likely be worse for our Overwatch wallets when we realize how much all this new stuff really costs to get...

The Overwatch Halloween Event Is Finally Here!. The face that'll make you smile as you lose it all
Ah, yes. The dreaded dilemma every seasoned collector of digital Overwatch goodies is sure to identify with. "How many credits will it cost to make sure I get EVERYTHING this time around?" Well, assuming you are starting Overwatch without ever having played the first Halloween Event, to purchase every single holiday item this season will cost you a hefty fee of about 43,525 credits [Includes ALL new items as well as ALL old items at the discounted price]. Otherwise, if we were to assume you have all of the old items, you would still be paying a majority of that price with a bill of approximately 29,925 credits. That leaves only 13,600 credits needed if you were to buy every single classic Halloween item at its current reduced cost. Oy vey, better get on racking up those digital dollars!

For a detailed list of all the items both old and new in the Halloween Event, as well as each item's cost, check below (Warning, it's extensive):

New Items
Skins [3000 Each]
Corsair Ana  
Van Helsing McCree
Jiangshi Mei
Dracula Reaper
Dragon Symmetra
Viking Torbjorn
Totally 80's Zarya
Cultist Zenyatta

Total: 24000

Sprays [Achievement and/or 75 Each]
The Reaper
The Monster
The Witch
My Creations
Trick or Treat (Doomfist)
Trick or Treat (Orisa)
Trick or Treat (Sombra)

Total: 225

Voice Lines [75 Each]
Don't Be Scared (Ana)
I'm Not Scared (D.VA)
I Have Something For You (Doomfist)
You Should Be Scared (Doomfist)
Happy Halloween! (Genji)
Master Your Fears (Hanzo)
I'm Alive! (Junkrat)
So Good It's Scary! (Lucio)
I Hear You, Pumpkin (McCree)
Did You Hear Something? (Mei)
Sometimes You Scare Me (Mercy)
Be Careful (Orisa)
Your Pulse Has Increased (Orisa)
I'm So Scared (Pharah)
Things Are Looking Grim (Reaper)
What Do We Have Here? (Reinhardt)
BOO! (Roadhog)
Trick Or Treat (Soldier: 76)
Aw, Isn't That Sweet? (Sombra)
You Trying To Be Scary? (Sombra)
The Treat Is A Lie (Symmetra)
I Smell Trouble Brewing (Torbjorn)
BOO! (Tracer)
Morning Spider... (Widowmaker)
Ooh, Scary! (Winston)
Don't Be Scared (Zarya)
Frightening (Zenyatta)

Total: 2100

Victory Poses [225 Each]
Skewered (Hanzo)
Pumpkin (Junkrat)
Pumpkin Control (Lucio)
Pumpkin Head (Orisa)
Pumpkinette (Sombra)
Pumpkin (Tracer)

Total: 1350

Emotes [750 Each]
Hopping (Mei)
Batter Up (Torbjorn)

Total: 1500

Highlight Intros [750 Each]
Footsteps (Roadhog)

Total: 750


TOTAL: 29925 Credits

Items From Last Year
Skins [250 - 1000 Each]
Tombstone Bastion [250]
Ghoul Ana [250]
Demon Hanzo [250]
Dr. Junkenstein [1000]
Witch Mercy [1000]
Possessed Pharah [250]
Pumpkin Reaper [1000]
Coldhardt [250]
Junkenstein's Monster Roadhog [1000]
Immortal Soldier: 76 [250]
Vampire Symmetra [250]
Skullyatta [250]

Total: 6000

Sprays [Achievement and/or 75 Each]
...Never Die
Rise of The Zomnics
The Reapening
Halloween Special
Junkenstein's Revenge
Gummy Hog
Witch's Brew
Halloween Terror
Trick or Treat (Ana)
Trick or Treat (Bastion)
Trick or Treat (D.VA)
Trick or Treat (Genji)
Trick or Treat (Hanzo)
Trick or Treat (Junkrat)
Trick or Treat (Lucio)
Trick or Treat (McCree)
Trick or Treat (Mei)
Trick or Treat (Mercy)
Trick or Treat (Pharah)
Trick or Treat (Reaper)
Trick or Treat Reinhardt
Trick or Treat Roadhog
Trick or Treat Soldier: 76
Trick or Treat Symmetra
Trick or Treat Torbjorn
Trick or Treat Tracer
Trick or Treat Widowmaker
Trick or Treat Winston
Trick or Treat Zarya
Trick or Treat Zenyatta

Total: 800

Voice Lines [25 Each]
Are You Scared? (Ana)
W-W-WOOOOOOO...? (Bastion)
Happy Halloween (D.VA)
My Halloween Costume? (Genji)
You Are Already Dead (Hanzo)
Happy Halloween! (Junkrat)
Killed It! (Lucio)
It's Your Funeral (McCree)
Scary! (Mei)
Superstition (Mercy)
Dead or Alive (Pharah)
I Work The Graveyard Shift (Reaper)
Smashing (Reinhardt)
Want Some Candy? (Roadhog)
Knock Knock (Soldier: 76)
What A Frightening Thought (Symmetra)
If You Build It (Torbjorn)
Ooh, Scary! (Tracer)
The Party Is Over (Widowmaker)
This Is Not A Costume (Winston)
Never Forget The Fallen (Zarya)
Trick or Treat? (Zenyatta)

Total: 550

Victory Poses [250 Each]
RIP (Ana)
RIP (Bastion)
RIP (Genji)
RIP (Hanzo)
RIP (Junkrat)
RIP Lucio
RIP McCree
RIP Mercy
RIP Pharah
RIP Reaper
RIP Reinhardt
RIP Roadhog
RIP Soldier: 76
RIP Symmetra
RIP Torbjorn
RIP Tracer
RIP Widowmaker
RIP Winston
RIP Zarya
RIP Zenyatta

Total: 5500

Emotes [250 Each]
Candy (Ana)
Pumpkin Smash (Reinhardt)
Shadow Puppets (Winston)

Total: 750

Highlight Intros [250 Each]
Pumpkin Carving (Genji)
Ice Scream (Mei)
Eternal Rest (Reaper)

Total: 750


TOTAL: 13600 Credits


GRAND TOTAL: 43525 Credits


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