Halo is to get its first VR experience

Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries, revealed a virtual reality project in the Halo setting. The official name is Halo Recruit, and it will be available for download starting October, 17th on Windows Store. As briefly explained by Ross, it will not be a game though.

Halo is to get its first VR experience
Halo Recruit is about to hit the domain of virtual reality PC-gaming. According to the Halo Waypoint website, it will be "A light introduction to the world of Halo and some of its most iconic characters… oh, and its weapons and maybe a Warthog". You can have a brief look at what Recruit feels like below.

Alongside with the new experience, Microsoft announced a new brand joining their VR hardware lineup. Samsung HMD Odyssey features the company's famous AMOLED display, inbuilt AKG headphones and a microphone and allows for a 110° field of view. You can pre-order the headset from the Microsoft official

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