More Rockstar Games PS2 titles may be ported to PS4

ESRB agency published a list of ratings (C — 'Early Childhood', T — 'Teens' and etc.) for some more nextgen-versions of 'classic' PS2 games by Rockstar. The list includes GTA: Liberty Stories, Vice City Stories, Max Payne 2 and Midnight Club 3. The latter is marked as 'E' — 'Everyone', the rest are for mature audiences only.

GTA: Liberty City Stories — One of the covers
The ratings are currently taken down from the agency's website. GTA III, GTA: VIce City and GTA: San Andreas are already available on PlayStation Store. With new probable additions PS4 users would be able to play the entire PS2 lineup of the Grand Theft Auto series. There is no update from Rockstar Games yet as to if or when the ported versions come to Sony's eighth generation console.

Earlier this week it was also confirmed that another classic Rockstar title L.A. Noire will be released on Nintendo Switch. This version will include all of the game's DLC and run at 1080p when docked and 720p in a handheld mode.

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