Rapture Devs, The Chinese Room, Will Be “Going Dark”

The Chinese Room is renowned among gamers as masters of storytelling and creation of atmosphere. They have found success in Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, A Machine For Pigs and Dear Esther. In some cases, it would appear no amount of success can protect some developers from the trials and tribulations of big business.

Rapture Devs, The Chinese Room, Will Be “Going Dark” For A While
In a recent blog post by The Chinese Room co-founder, Dan Pinchbeck, we learn about the reasons behind the studio’s recent lay offs and exactly why things will be “going dark” for a while.

Back in June, I had a health scare – nothing life-threatening, but enough to pull me up short and make us have a serious think about things. To cut a long story short, the situation – between financial pressures, trying to keep the lights on for the employed team, the stress of end-of-development, health issues – just wasn’t a tenable thing anymore. It was time to take a break, recharge, recover and have a good think about the future.

This year The Chinese Room’s latest project, So Let Us Melt became available on the Google Daydream VR. But for avid fans of the development studio, there will be growing concerns about The Chinese Room’s continued work on upcoming projects The 13th Interior and Little Orpheus. In the blog, Pinchbeck goes on to reassure us that The 13th Interior is still in development and Little Orpheus will move into prototype phase near the end of this year.

Rapture Devs, The Chinese Room, Will Be “Going Dark” For A While - So Let Us Melt
Pinchbeck goes onto explain the roots of his work alongside co-founder Jessica Curry, stating, “We’re essentially artists, Jess and I, who made a hit game without realising it, and became a studio faster than we planned for.” While the studio may be in a state of flux at present, fans of The Chinese Room’s works should not be too concerned. Pinchbeck is very vocal about how this is only a break. However, if things take another turn and he decides to leave the scene of big gaming, The Chinese Room will likely move forward regardless. The same thing happened after Crash Bandicoot creators, Andy Gavin and Jason Ruben left Naughty Dog in the hands of other professionals. Naughty Dog would go on to create some of the best games ever made.

We at Keen Gamer wish Dan Pinchbeck the best and look forward to seeing his return after what is likely a much deserved break. You can check out our review for the critically acclaimed Everybody's Gone To The Rapture right here.

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