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is a currently a fast paced, single-screen action platformer game that lets players take control of up to four characters locked in infinite mambo! The aim of the game is... read more

An Interview With The Dangerous Kitchen About De Mambo

Author: Joshua Olivieri

Category: Interview

De Mambo is one of the higher-rated indie games on the Nintendo Switch. We had the opportunity to talk to The Dangerous Kitchen about further details regarding their project. On top of that, we also discussed what plans they had for the future of De Mambo as well as any other games we may see down the line.

An Interview With The Dangerous Kitchen About De Mambo.
De Mambo released on the Switch eShop on July 13, 2017. In the small time that it's been out, it's gained a sizable amount of support. Developer group, The Dangerous Kitchen, has even been featured at numerous events with this game to showcase that they have big plans for their future.

Before De Mambo came out to the public, I had the honor of playing it early for review as well as knowing more about the devs and the process they went through. Since its release, De Mambo's community has grown, with a massive update on the way, and we couldn't be more excited.

De Mambo is currently available on the Switch eShop, with PS4 and Steam versions later down the line.

1. What was your main goal with creating De Mambo?
To take over the world—I mean, well to quite simply make a game. We tried for a long time to get our company going and so once we started, we just steamrolled forward without knowing what we were doing, until we ended up at this exact point in time eternally famished from game development. Ultimately we wanted to make a fun game that is playable by a wide range of people, is packed full of gameplay and has its own unique personality.
2. How long did it take you to create the game?

An Interview With The Dangerous Kitchen About De Mambo. Death Valley
The initial prototype took about 7-8 months and that’s where the foundation of De Mambo’s gameplay was completed. Altogether it was about three years give or take, but that includes bouts of freelance and of course learning how to make games! There’s also stuff like social media, business stuff and exhibiting the game etc.
3. Did you ever think about giving up?
One of my favorite quotes from Breaking Bad which I constantly barrage the team with is, “Nothing stops this train.” So hopefully that answers your question! But of course, the niggling, insect-like feeling of giving up is inside us all right? You just have to have some semblance of strength to not let it crawl through your insides into reality.
4. Are there any other developers you looked to for inspiration?
Nintendo is most definitely the first place we look for when it comes to inspiration. Iwata Asks interviews were an ambrosial fountain of knowledge for me growing up and was basically my games design education. Other than Nintendo, Japanese developers like Suda51, Kamiya and Swery are very inspirational.
5. I understand you had little marketing in the game. How did that affect the development of De Mambo?
Well, it affected us in that we had to be the ones doing the marketing rather than an outside party, so juggling all these aspects of making a game was challenging, but amazingly fun. We were able to lace our press stuff with our personality which no one else can do, so although it took out of development time, it was hugely important as who else is best to market a game than the people who forcefully birthed it!
6. Are you satisfied with the game's performance on the market so far?

An Interview With The Dangerous Kitchen About De Mambo. Boss Battle
I mean it would’ve been super satisfying to have sold a trillion copies right, but we didn’t. De Mambo did great for a game with no marketing budget, so we’re just happy to have been able to have this wonderful experience. Also, it's not the end. We still have other consoles to port to and the big update so De Mambo will continue to chug along, like a parasite inside… growing on the nutrients of the host until it’s fully ready to burst out!
7. What can you say about the future of De Mambo?
Keep a look put for what we have planned! The update should be fairly substantial and we’re also working on the aforementioned PS4 and Steam versions.
8. After having released De Mambo, what are your hopes for the game in the next few years?
That it keeps selling, more people become aware of it and yeah that’s about it. We’ve heard some people at events mention esports, which maybe a bit unrealistic, but I mean that would be crazy if it were to become a sport!
9. Do you have plans for any other games to be made?

An Interview With The Dangerous Kitchen About De Mambo. Survival of the Fittest
Oh Yes! Many, many plans. De Mambo is just the beginning for us and now that we’ve put out a game and vaguely know what we’re doing, we’re so excited for what’s next.
10. What is your favorite game on the Nintendo Switch and why?
Tough, tough question. I put over 200 hours into Zelda and I still have loads to play. Currently, I’m extremely addicted to Splatoon 2, but I’m going to have to put out a very leftfield answer: Mario Odyssey. Tokyo EAD or EPD (as they are now known) have never put out a bad game and from what I’ve seen, Odyssey look’s phenomenal and I have absolute faith it will be my favorite. So yeah, a game I haven’t played is my answer!

From this interview, it's clear that The Dangerous Kitchen has a lot of plans for De Mambo and beyond. We're excited to learn what's coming next, especially that massive update they teased. Of course, we'll be keeping an eye out for more information and will cover it here.

If you still want to read more about De Mambo, check out our glowing review, where we gave it an 8.0 out of 10. Special thanks also go out to The Dangerous Kitchen for giving us their time for this interview.

Are you still playing De Mambo? Let us know your thoughts about the game below!

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