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The Inpatient Gets a New Trailer and Release Date

Did you enjoy Until Dawn? Well, The Inpatient takes all the best parts of Until Dawn, like a psychological-horror experience, and places them in virtual reality. A new trailer for the game just dropped. And, along with that trailer a release date has been announced for this November.

The Inpatient Gets a New Trailer and Release Date
Earlier this year, during Sony's E3 Press Conference, Supermassive Games announced two new PlayStation VR games. One of those games, The Inpatient, looked to draw from the successes of Supermassive's previous project Until Dawn, by providing a horror experience with some psychological elements.

Supermassive Games announced recently in a PlayStation Blog post the release date for The Inpatient as well as releasing a new trailer for the game. That trailer focused around the game's story can be found below:

In the blog post, Supermassive also details some new information about the game. The Inpatient is set in the 1950's in the Blackwood Sanatorium from Until Dawn. You play as a patient, and like Until Dawn, choice and consequence are integral to the gameplay.

The Inpatient is shaping up to be a great PlayStation VR game. And, you will get to play it when it releases for PS4 on November 21 in North America and November 22 in Europe.

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