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Eternal Card Game – Puzzles Guide – Odds & Ends

The last stretch is before you! These puzzles are some of the hardest and cover miscellaneous topics that will test your skills in all areas. Our guide will help you through each one, walking you through the steps as well as explaining the road you just walked so you don't forget it.

Eternal Card Game - Puzzles Guide - Odds & Ends


It's been a long road so far, and it's going to be a bit longer before you reach the end of the puzzles maze. These last 15 puzzles are going to be a challenge, testing what you've learned and how you apply those skills. Hopefully most will be solvable by yourself at this point, but if you need to reference this guide, by all means please do! The solution summaries will be shorter for this guide, as there are three times as many here than in previous guides, but hopefully they will be no less informative.

You can find the guides for all the other puzzles in Eternal here.

Big thanks to user jawbone_mention for catching the changes made to the puzzles following patch 1.28!

Bronze #1

  • Cast Praxis Stranger.
  • Cast Rakano Stranger.
  • Attack with Forsworn Stranger.
  • Cast Flashfire.

This one is about building up influence, which is the number of color symbols you have next to your total power. Forsworn gets stronger with the more influence you have, as does Flash Fire. There are several combinations of Strangers you can play to get up to the 4 influence you need.

Bronze #2

  • Cast Finest Hour on Order of the Spire.
  • Cast Combrei Emissary.
  • Cast Seek Power (choose either sigil).
  • Play a Sigil.
  • Cast Seek Power (choose either sigil).
  • Play a Sigil.
  • Cast Elder's Feather on Order of the Spire.

Order of the Spire is one of my favorite cards. Left alone for too long, and he'll start to get bigger than your opponent's can handle. With the Emissary's help, we can play two Sigils this turn, which is doable with the two Seek Powers we have. The Elder's Feather gives us that extra boost we need.

Bronze #3

  • Cast Righteous Fury on Sandstorm Titan.
  • Block either Ticking Grenadin.
  • Cast Morning Star on Sandstorm Titan.
  • Attack with Sandstorm Titan.

It's tempting to block either of the 3/3s, since they do more damage than the Grenadins, but they are immune to damage. Because of this, our Titan will deal no damage to them, and thus steal no life to give to us. We need that 10 extra health to survive that turn. Morning Star gives the Titan some extra pep to wallop the opponent.

Silver #1

  • Play a Sigil (either one).
  • Cast Vodakhan, Temple Speaker.
  • Attack with all available units.
  • Discard Privilege of Rank.

Whispering Wind's effect has to resolve before damage is dealt. So when you discard Privilege, and Vodakhan gives all sigils cards Destiny, you get to draw two Justice Sigils. With Destiny, they both go into play automatically, boosting the District Infantry massively. Once Privilege's effect is resolve, damage is dealt.

Silver #2

  • Cast Synchronized Strike.
  • Cast Dragonbreath, Mentoring Araktodon and targeting Towering Terrazon.
  • Attack with False Prince.
  • Cast Bad News.
  • Attack with both units.

Again wording is being demonstrated here. False Prince has a clause where if he is targeted by a spell, he changes into a 1/1 Frog. However, he has to be targeted, not affected. That's why a spell like Synchronized Strike or Bad News does not affect him, since he's not the target, just the beneficiary. Players of MtG will know this technicality all too well.

Silver #3

  • Attack with all units.
  • Cast Annihilate on the unit (that you own) that is being blocked by Infernal Tyrant.

Not a lot of options or power to use. What's being demonstrated here is that if two units block each other, and one of them is removed, no damage is dealt – but they're still blocked/blocking. Taking out the unit blocking the Tyrant means he never deals damage which means the opponent never gains life from Lifesteal. We can't kill the Tyrant with Annihilate because he has two factions (red and black).

Gold #1

  • Cast Diplomatic Seal, targeting Time Influence.
  • Cast Diplomatic Seal, targeting Time Influence.
  • Cast Praxis Stranger.
  • Cast Sand Warrior.
  • End your turn.
  • Do not block.
  • Cast Elysian Banner.
  • Cast Accelrate, targeting Championf of Wisdom.
  • Attack with all.
  • Cast a sigil.
  • Cast Championf of Wisdom.
  • Attack with all.
  • Attack with all.

A lesson in courage and management. You face a ticking clock with 5 or more damage every turn, and you're going to take it all. This is about knowing what your potential damage output is and taking advantage of the fact that the opponent will never have blockers. We always choose Time here simply to get Sand Warrior out ASAP.

Note: The solution for Gold #1 has since been changed since this guide was first released. The summary does not match the step-by-step, but the step-by-step is up to date.

Gold #2

  • Attack with both available units.
  • Cast Skycrag Stranger.
  • Cast Stonescar Stranger.
  • Cast Seek Power, choosing Primal.
  • Cast Primal Sigil.
  • Cast Grinva, Judge of Battles.
  • Cast Alpine Tracker.
  • Cast Forsworn Stranger.
  • Cast Bloodrite Kalis.
  • Attack enemy player with Bloodrite Kalis.

You will be playing all your cards here, but it matters in what order. You will have to attack with your first two units, and they will die from Grinva, which is fine because that just means extra damage dealt to the enemy. Plus once Forsworn comes in, who is now 5/5 thanks to having 1 of every influence, he will bring them back in. Of course, then everyone else dies, Grinva deals one final blast at the enemy player, and you finish them off with your sacrificial dagger. You monster.

Gold #3

  • Cast Seek Power.
  • Cast a Sigil.
  • Cast Second Sight, putting Firebomb on top of your deck.
  • Cast Spiked Helm onto either of your units.
  • Cast Trailblaze, putting Firebomb on the bottom of your deck.
  • Attack with both units.

You want to draw cards to pump up the Savant, but you want to avoid the hot potato that is the Firebomb, which will play itself if it goes into your hand, and an Aegis will not save you because it's technically your spell, not the enemy's. Second Sight trick works because first the two cards are drawn, and they haven't gone into your hand yet (even though it shows them in your hand). Once you put a card on top of the deck, then the other officially goes into your hand. That's why Firebomb doesn't play itself as soon as you draw it (with Second Sight).

Diamond #1

  • Cast Cobalt Acolyte and give Sandstorm Titan Flying.
  • Cast Violent Gust on Sandstorm Titan.
  • Use Stormcaller's ability to deal 1 damage to Sandstorm Titan.
  • Attack with all available units.

Even though Flyers are not allowed in the air because of the Titan, they still have Flying. Thanks to the "gift" from the Acolyte, Titan is now a Flyer too, which means he can be gusted quite violently. Stormcaller finishes him off and your two Flyers are able to kiss the clouds and kick some ass yet again.

Diamond #2

  • Cast Sauropod Wrangler.
  • Cast Trail Stories, choosing Call of the Ancients.
  • Cast Call the Ancients.
  • Cast Crownwatch Press Gang, putting Titan into your hand.
  • Cast Titan.
  • Attack with all available units.

All about the discounts and maximizing your coupons here. Trail Stories reduces the cost of Call of the Ancients because Call is the only other spell in your hand, and bringing its cost to 0 is a no-brainer (plus, you need every power you have). The other unit we have to reduce the cost of all units has the same effect as Wrangler, but Wrangler is 1 cheaper, and again, we need to maximize our resource output.

Diamond #3

  • Cast Detain on either enemy unit.
  • Cast Scare on the unit you cast Detain on.
  • Cast Minotaur Duelist and stun the remaining enemy unit.
  • Attack with your unit.

A unit's health, as soon as it reaches 0, will kill it. Usually this is through damage, but Scare, in this rare instance, will kill the target unit because it has 0 strength and now has 0 health after it resolves. This method works on either unit since both are 6/6s, and of course they both have to be removed from the equation.

Master #1

  • Cast Magus of the Mist.
  • Cast Polymorph on Magus of the Mist (after the dragon gets summoned by Magus's effect).
  • End your turn.
  • Cast Cloudsnake Saddle on Illusionary Dragon.
  • Attack with the Illusionary Dragon.
  • After blockers are declared, cast Talon Dive on Illusionary Dragon.

Our dragon will die as soon as Magus leaves play. While turning him into a frog does kind of remove the Magus from play, it also erases the text that says the dragon has to go with him. Thus, our dragon stays put. We wait until the dragon is blocked before playing Talon Dive. If you play Talon Dive before you attack, the enemy does the math and blocks the Dragon with two units, allowing it to survive the turn.

Master #2

  • Cast Sporefolk.
  • Cast Mirror Image, copying Sporefolk.
  • Cast Devour, sacrificing Sporefolk.
  • Cast a Sigil.
  • Cast Dark Return, returning Sporefolk to your hand.
  • Cast Sporefolk.
  • Cast Excavate, choosing any card to return to your deck.
  • Attack with Oasis Seeker.

By far the strangest win you'll ever see. The player attachment, Means to an End, will deal a massive 25 damage to your opponent if you have no cards in your deck. If you have no cards in your deck, you lose the game, but only at the end of your turn, and the enemy will be dead by then. Creating as many Sporefolk as possible will take care of the bulk, but the remainder comes from the Seeker, who gives you 1 life, which triggers Means to an End to move a card from your deck to the void, and deals 25 damage to the opponent before blockers can even be declared. Gnarly.

Master #3

  • Cast Talir's Choice, giving yourself 2 life.
  • Attack with West-Wind Herald.
  • Cast Talir's Choice, giving yourself 2 life.
  • Cast Hall of the Lost Kings.
  • Cast Grenadin Drone.
  • Cast Bloodrite Kalis.
  • Cast Torrent of Spiders.
  • Cast Dark Return, returning Grenadin Drone to your hand.
  • Cast Grenadin Drone.
  • Cast The Witching Hour.
  • Use Pale Rider's Killer ability to kill Copperhall Elite.
  • Attack the enemy player with Bloodrite Kalis.

Man, that Witching Hour sure is expensive, huh? Well we're going to cast it for free. Talk about a discount! The trick here is that every unit generated by a card counts as its own card being played, and since each non-power card played reduces the cost of Witching Hour, we have to maximize our unit output.
Talir's Choice has to be casted twice in order to bring us above 25 life, so that Hall of the Lost Kings puts out 5 units instead of 1. Thanks to West-Wind Herald's Infiltrate, we can do just that. After the kings come out, or before if you like, we play Grenadin Drone, who has a +1 to this dance. Now say goodbye to everyone, because they're being sacrificed to the Bloodrite Kalis. But we're not done yet!

Torrent of Spiders brings out a butt load of spiders because we have a butt-deep Void. Witching Hour is still at 3 power, though, and we only have 2 power and Dark Return. We bring back the Drone because when we play him again he brings out another unit, bringing the total cost of Witching Hour down to a big ol' goose egg.

Now we have to deal with the Copperhall Elite. Thankfully, one of our riders knows Killer, and as you may have learned from another guide or puzzle, Killer does not count as an effect where Aegis is concerned – it's the unit doing the damage, not the ability. One Rider and Copperhall Elite in the Void, and we have a clear path to stab our opponent to death with our Kalis. Congrats!


It's been over 80 puzzles, but you've made it! Hopefully you've learned some things from both the puzzles and these guides. These are skills that every player should know and will be necessary to move up in the leagues in both PVE and PVP. If nothing else, you've gained roughly 3,120 gold coins (plus however much you get from the Basics puzzles, I forgot to check)!

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hi, in gold #2 Cast Grinva, Judge of Battles.before Alpine Tracker or it don’t work ! great guide btw thanks !


Gold #2


Attack with both available units.


Cast Skycrag Stranger.


Cast Stonescar Stranger.


Cast Seek Power, choosing Primal.


Cast Primal Sigil.


Cast Alpine Tracker. CORRECTION, cast after Grinva.


Cast Grinva, Judge of Battles.


Cast Forsworn Stranger.


Cast Bloodrite Kalis.


Attack enemy player with Bloodrite Kalis.


There’s a minor error in Gold #2. The player should summon Grinva before summoning the Alpine Tracker, so that when the 4/1 units die, Grinva damages the opponent for their attack values. Without that 8 damage, you won’t have enough to kill the opponent.


I just confirmed this as well. Grinva gets played BEFORE Alpine Tracker.


In Gold 2 play these two:


Cast Alpine Tracker.


Cast Grinva, Judge of Battles



In the rverse order


gold #2 is out dated for me my staring influence is 4 time ( yellow) 15 justice ( green ) and 2 void ? ( black) most of the steps stay the same you only need to use seek power and select primal instead of time then cast alpine tracker and then just follow the steps you took?

Casual me
Casual me

Gold #2 now (26.07.2018) should be sth like this:



1. attack with units


2. cast stonescar stranger


3. cast skycrag stranger


4. cast seek power for primal sigil


5. cast primal sigil


6. cast grinva, judge of battles


7. cast alpine tracker (it’ll destroy dawnwalkers)


8. cast forsworn stranger (dawnwalkers are back)


9. cast bloodrite kalis


10. attack with weapon



PS. Thx for article 🙂


Gold #1 changed


Gold #1 update:



1. Play Diplomatic Seal, Choosing Time.


2. End Turn.


3. Play Diplomatic Seal, Choosing Time.


4. Play Praxis Stranger.


5. Play Sand Warrior.


6. End Turn.


7. Do not block. Take the damage.


8. Play Elysian Banner. (This gives Champion of Wisdom +2/+2 because we have 4 Time Influence)


9. Play Accelerate, Choosing Champion of Wisdom.


10. Attack with all units.


11. End turn.


12. Play Fire Sigil.


13. Play Champion of Wisdom.


14. Attack with all units.


15. Repeat 14 until you win.


Gold #2 update:



1. Attack with both Dawnwalkers.


2. Cast Skycrag Stranger.


3. Cast Stonescar Stranger.


4. Cast Grinva, Judge of Battles.


5. Cast Seek Power, choosing a Primal Sigil.


6. Play Primal Sigil.


7. Cast Alpine Tracker.


8. Cast Forsworn Stranger.


9. Cast Bloodrite Kalis.


10. Smash face.


do you miss something else?


Bronze #1 update:



1. Cast Praxis Stranger.


2. Cast Rakano Stranger.


3. Attack with Forsworn Stranger.


3. Cast Flashfire.


out of date, but good to the old verison


gold 2 does not work and i cant get my head around it


for master #2. have to break the relic on opponent.


For Master #2 need to play decay.


In Gold #2 you have to play Alpine Tracker after you play Grivna.

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