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Eternal Card Game – Puzzles Guide – Endurance

Keep your units alert enough to attack on your turn and block on the next by conquering the Endurance puzzles in Eternal! Step-by-step instructions and detailed descriptions inside.

Eternal Card Game - Puzzles Guide - Endurance


A decision you'll have to make a lot is whether or not to attack with a creature or leave it ready to block on your opponent's turn. With Endurance, you can do both! Not only that, but Endurance makes a unit immune to Stun, which is the most annoying spell effect in the game, by far. This guide will explain how to solve the Endurance puzzles in Eternal, if you're feeling stumped. It also comes with detailed explanations so you know why you just won.

You can find the guides for all the other puzzles in Eternal here.


  • Attack with either 2 or 3 units.
  • Cast Execute on an Exhausted unit.

It's counter-intuitive to attack with something we know will die, with no downside to the opponent, but that's just what we're going to do. The lesson is here that units with Endurance become Exhausted after they block. This is the only way we're going to get one of them Exhausted, which we need so we can cast Execute and deal a direct 2 damage to the enemy player.

Technically you can attack with all your units and still win, but I feel it best to get out of the habit of using more resources than you need. Yes, attacking with just 1 unit can work here, but in a real game scenario it might not. They have a 1/1 they might be willing to sacrifice so they don't have to Exhaust one of their Endurance units, and without that our plan is ruined.


  • Cast Stalwart Shield on Cabal Rogue.
  • Cast Valkyrie Enforcer and Silence Owl.
  • Attack with all available units.

While learning about Endurance, we also learn a little something about Stun. Creatures with Endurance can't be stunned, even if they get Endurance after being stunned. As soon as that effect goes into place, Stun vanishes. Stun is also a bit of text that goes onto the card, rather than just a temporary effect. That means Silence, which removes all text from a card can remove Stun!

We give the Shield to the Rogue because we don't want to Silence her to lose the Stun, because with the Stun she'll also lose Unblockable, and we need that 6 damage to get through. Even though we've taken Flying away from the Owl, we have two 4/4s who can attack, and the enemy has only one unit to block with, so no matter which he chooses, 4 damage is going through.


  • Cast Accelerated Evolution on Rilgon, Hooru Operative and choose Endurance.
  • Cast Rebuke on Sandstorm Titan.
  • Cast Flash Freeze on two remaining enemy units.
  • Attack with all available units.

Brutal way to start things off, huh? You lost one creature to Stun and the enemy just got two more, one of which is a 6/6 with Flying and Lifesteal. Reading the text on Rilgon shows us that he'll deal double damage if we cast a spell. Even with that, he'd only deal 4, but if he had 3 strength, then he'd deal 6, so that Accelerated Evolution is definitely getting played. We choose Endurance because, like before, that'll shake off the Stun.

Now we have to deal with the potential blockers. We can't let him get blocked, so they all have to get stunned. Thankfully, we have enough Power to cast both Rebuke and Flash Freeze! We use Rebuke on the Titan because it also Silences the target, which is a must if we want to Stun him. Otherwise, his Endurance won't allow it. The other two get frozen and then victory is claimed!


  • Cast Ruin on Rolant, the Iron Fist.
  • Cast Polymorph on Rolant, the Iron Fist.
  • Cast Violent Gust on Frog.
  • Cast Rockslide on both Shelterwing Riders.
  • Cast Scare on a Shelterwing Rider.
  • Cast Chill on a Shelterwing Rider.
  • Attack with all units.

Lot of steps for this one. You have plenty of spells that all can have some use, but it's important to know which ones to use and for what. Rolant is our biggest issue, so he has to go first. We cast Ruin not because it'll destroy his attachment, in fact we don't want to destroy it, but because it'll use up his Aegis. After that, we turn him into a Pig, which removes all of his text, so now the enemies can take damage. The reason we want him to keep the attachment is so he stays flying and is targetable by our Violent Gust. Why does he stay Flying after we turned him into a flying pig? The effect didn't Silence Rolant, just turned him into a different creature. It still gets the benefits of the weapon attached to it. If it were a Silence ability, he'd be a ground 2/2 Pig.

With Rolant gone, we have two Aegis-covered Flyers left. Rockslide is great for getting rid of Aegis, and with one cast of it we get rid of two of them! Chill will Stun one of the Riders no problem. Scare won't stall the second rider, but it will swap its strength and health. Since it no longer has Aegis, it is stuck with 0 power, and now 0 health. Can't stay in the game with zero health, so it goes into the void. After that, it's a full frontal attack.


  • Attack with Renegade Valkyrie.
  • Cast Fencing Master.
  • Cast Permafrost on Frontline Cyclops.
  • Cast Accelerated Evolution on Frontline Cyclops, choosing Endurance.
  • End your turn.
  • Block Frontline Cyclops with Fencing Master.
  • Cast Reforge.
  • Cast Gemblade on Renegade Valkyrie.
  • Cast the Sigil.
  • Cast Accelerated Evolution, choosing either Flying or Endurance.
  • Attack with Renegade Valkyrie.

Woo, this one was a head scratcher. The key to victory here is Double Damage. Since the Cyclops can't block your Valkyrie, it's safe to attack with her. Fencing Master comes in because she'll get a weapon when someone gets stunned. Cyclops gets the curse, no surprise there, but then you have to give him +1/+1 and Endurance! Very counter-intuitive.

The reason we stunned him was to get the weapon, and the reason we unstunned him was so he'd attack and we could block with our Master, killing her. Why? Because we want that weapon more than her, and now that it's in the void we can get it back with Reforge and make it even stronger. Now it's +5/+5, giving out Valkyrie the chance to do 12 total damage! Oh wait, that's not enough. Thankfully we have another Accelerated Evolution to give her just the bump she needs to dish out 14 whole damage in one attack. This is a difficult puzzle to solve, requiring you to rethink how you see your spells and consider actually helping out your opponent's creatures so you can get a benefit later.

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john okland

Silvers screwed on a patch the spell instant kills the whirly unless you counter spell it with the add 2/2 to flying creatures for some reason you have to spend 3 on it to transform it into a 0/5 wall with endurance and clear it and spend 3 on its ability more to get the whirly back for the atack clear your assassin with the armor and attack with those 2 or all 3 (middle character gets blocked anyways other 2 are unblockable assassins and flying whirly so they cant get blocked) if someone wants to rewrite thise so its… Read more »


I found an alternative (and arguably simpler and more intuitive) solution to the Master puzzle:



– Play Fencing Master


– Play Jarral’s Frostkin to stun Frontline Cyclops (Fencing Master gains Gemblade)


– Attack with Renegade Valkyrie (for 2 damage)


– End turn


– Cast Accelerated Evolution on Renegade Valkyrie twice, boosting its base damage to 3.


– Attack with all units




Oops, didn’t notice that LordOfLight had already posted essentially the same thing.


In the solution for the Diamond puzzle, you keep saying pig when you mean frog. Also, it isn’t true that the frog needs to be flying so that you can use Violent Gust on it. The solution works just as well if you use Chill on the frog and Violent Gust on one of the Shelterwing Riders.


In the Master puzzle, attack with the Renegade Valkyrie, play Fencing Master then Jarrall’s Frostkin and stun the Frontline Cyclops. You currently have 10 damage on board so to get 14, cast both Accelerated Evolutions on Renegade Valkyrie.

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