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Matterfall trailer gives a peek behind the scenes

The latest Matterfall trailer provides a behind the scenes look of the Housemarque development process, outlining some of the story and the gameplay principles they stuck to whilst creating the glitzy side scroller. Matterfall was developed by the same team that created the ever-popular Resogun.

Matterfall trailer gives a peek behind the scenes
With only a couple of weeks left until the release of Matterfall, a behind the scenes trailer has been released, outlining some of the core design principles the Housemarque development team adhered to as well as shining a light on some of the plot.

The developers repeatedly stress that Matterfall is all about fast action, twitch reflexes, big explosions, and powerful weapons. This will come as good news to anyone who was a fan of Housemarque's previous works such as Resogun and Super Stardust Ultra. Particle effects are abundant as your colourful beams rip through enemies and your jet pack thrusters boost you out of the way of incoming projectiles.

The game derives its name from a powerful material known as 'matter' which the citizens of Fortuna used to create their vast cities. Unfortunately, the matter somehow becomes corrupted and turns hostile.

The game will be releasing exclusively on the PS4 on the 15th of August. For more info and a closer look at the gameplay, check out the trailer below.

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