Fate/Extella Bond Guide

A strong Master-Servant relationship leads to a stronger Servant. This guide will give you the right dialogue choices and side missions to grow your Bond in Fate/Extella faster and easier.

Fate Extella Bond Guide

Like any good game with a large cast of characters, in Fate/Extella there is a system for you to gauge your relationship with. The unit of measure is “bond.” As your bond with a character strengthens, more slots will become available to house the Install Skills. Aside from just giving your Servant more abilities, more slots means more links, which means individual chips of the same color get boosted further. Raising your bond will a Servant will also cause them to give you gifts of Install Skills. Bond is generally easy to get, though why work harder when you can work smarter? This guide will explain how to get bond in Fate/Extella and the best ways to go about this. 


Specifically, it will talk about bond answers and side quests. You can also build up your bond by using Code Casts during a mission. Your Servant will say something to that effect when you hit the right amount, so if a mission is close to ending and you have some left over, use them all up.

The game can be bought for various platforms. You can buy Steam, or PlayStation 4, or Switch versions. Oh, and there’s even PS Vita version!

Bond Answers

In each campaign, between missions, you’ll be able to talk to your Servant in “My Room.” Generally there are two conversations you can have between missions, but they are not mandatory. However, doing these talks can strengthen your bond in Fate/Extella with your Servant, and they are the easiest way to do so. Each conversation has two dialogue options and they aren’t always the easiest to figure out which will get you bond and which won’t. When a conversation can give you bond, your current bond level will appear in the bottom right of the screen. If you happen to pick the wrong one, don’t worry. If you exit out of the game before you finish the conversation, when you re-open the game it will put you right back before it started, so you can try again.

Fate Extella special event

Fate Extella special event


Like the side Servants, growing your bond with your main Servants opens up more slots for abilities. In addition, you will earn special, steamy, events (like the one on this article’s cover). The following is a list of the answers you can give to the Servants that will raise your bond with them. They are separated by chapter name and are listed in order of their appearance.


Flame Poem Arc

  • “It felt like holding hands with you.”
  • “We’re still alive, thanks to you.”
  • “The third [player name]’s Servant.”
  • “If you’re near me, then that’s all I need.”

Orchid Winds Arc

  • “…Are you planning to lock me away in the ring again?”
  • “You seem less queenly here in this room.”
  • “How strong do you think Saber is?”
  • “Elizabeth might barge in again…”
  • “I did admire her, yes.”
  • “…”
  • “I don’t want that either.”
  • “I choose nothing.”

Dawn Arc

  • “I think that sounds kind of depressing.”
  • “I can put up with it until tomorrow.”
  • “…I’m sorry.”
  • “Are you jealous?”
  • “It certainly is a nice sword.”
  • “That does sound like a dream.”
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “…”

Golden Poem Arc

  • “Well this is My Room…”
  • “You should look deep within yourself for the answer.”
  • “I think he means we’ll definitely save her.”
  • “He sounds like a great uncle.”

Side Missions

The first couple of missions you do will not offer up any side missions. On the third stage of the first campaign, you’ll be able to take on up to five side missions. At first this is easy, as you won’t have many to choose from to begin with. As more Servants become available, more side missions do as well. Completing a side mission for a Servant increases their bond, and this is the only way to do so with the side Servants.

Which side missions you get is entirely randomized. Even backing out of the mission select will change which ones are assigned to which Servants. Of course, some missions are easier than others to complete. As these missions don’t get used up, there’s no reason to prioritize one Servant over another, unless you are focusing on increasing their bond in Fate/Extella specifically. Here’s a list of the kinds of missions you can expect to encounter, how easy they are to complete, and what you have to do to complete them.

With 70% HP Left…

There are several different side missions that have the condition of 70% health, like getting an 1800 hit combo or killing 500 enemies. What it means by 70% HP is you must hit those milestones before your health ever drops below 70%. If it does, and you haven’t hit the combo or kills needed, the mission fails. EX Maneuvers (the B attack) are great for building up combos and taking out lots of enemies.

Defeat 120 enemies while transformed.

You “transform” when you use the Moon Crux/Moon Drive meter, which is the orange meter above your health. This is best reserved for taking out beefy Servants or Aggressors of large builds and strength. Killing 120 enemies while transformed is very easy, so expect to get lots of bond in Fate/Extella no problem.

Within the time limit…

These missions are tricky simply because the time limit is unknown and the requirements are somewhat difficult, relative to the other missions. The requirements might be 1800 combo, 500 enemies, or taking over 3 sectors. It’s recommended you not take these missions simply because the time limit is fickle and mysterious.

Defeat X000 enemies.

Rather self explanatory, simply defeat the required number of enemies. So long as you try to take over as many sectors as possible, you’re guaranteed to complete this side quest, so always prioritize this one.

Acquire 15,000 QP.

QP is earned when you kill an enemy or take over a sector. Like the 4,000 enemies mission, so long as you’re trying to clear out all sectors, you’ll get this one no problem.

Use Code Cast X time(s).

By far the easiest mission as you can do it without moving an inch, right at the start, and yet one of the easier ones to fail. It’s very easy to forget to ever use Code Casts, so if you’re not sure, you can always check the Side Missions status in the pause menu. There’s no time limit on it, so this is another easy pick for side missions to increase your bond in Fate/Extella.

Eat 4 yakisoba breads/drink 6 bottles of sake.

These are actually two different missions, but they’re approached the same way. Bottles of sake are the blue bottles that appear on the field from defeated enemies. So long as you’re using a lot of EX moves, these should be dropping frequently, so no worries with this one.

The breads are the oblong shaped food that appears within the green light on the field, much like the sake. Sakee drops more often when you’re low on EX juice, and breads drop more often when you’re low on health. Because of this, if you do too well, the breads won’t drop, so unless there’s no other good missions to take, avoid this one.

Hit an Aggressor 8 times with an EM.

EM stands for EX Maneuver. You’ll have to actually start an EM 8 times for this to work, not just hit an Aggressor 8 times within one EM. As EMs are the main go-to for taking care of Aggressors, this one is quite easy to get, but like the Code Casts one can be easily forgotten. If you find yourself killing Aggressors with normal combos, be sure to check your Side Mission status before you get too far into the mission.

Remember to check your side missions before deploying. Five missions will be automatically selected for you, but you can change which missions you want to accept before starting each mission. Side missions can be completed in the Main Campaign, Free Battles, and Side Campaigns. Don’t neglect your Side Campaigns, either, as completing those unlocks a costume for your Servants.

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