5 Cool Games for Android Smartwatches

It's fair to say that the Apple Watch gets most of the attention when people discuss smartwatches, but it isn't the only one. Many companies have since designed gorgeous smartwatches that are operated by Android Wear, and as a result, a lot of fun games have found their way onto these contemporary timepieces.
5 Cool Games for Android Smartwatches

The LG Watch Style is incredibly cool and decently priced, the Asus ZenWatch 3 is very durable with a crisp display, and the Moto 360 is modern and has a solid all-around performance. As for premium smartwatches, the Tag Heuer Connected is hard to go past. An updated model of the Connected (the Modular Connected 45) has recently been released, which means the original has jumped down in price. Being a Swiss luxury brand, Tag Heuer watches have a solid reputation for being well-built albeit expensive, so we'd recommend searching for something second-hand.

So, if you're in the market for a smartwatch running Android Wear, or indeed already own one and wish to maximize the technology to its full potential, then we think the following games are worth your attention.


Math is some people's idea of hell, but to many others, math is heaven! Luckily, Math It! does make it simple for everyone, as you're presented with a question and four possible answers. The topics range from general plus, minus, divide, and multiply questions, and if you make three mistakes, then game over. The great thing is that you can select from three different difficulty modes, so if your math skills aren't much to shout about but you still want to practice, then select 'Easy' and try to have fun!


This is a game perfectly built for smartwatches. The intuitive tapping gameplay and simple graphics look great on any watch operating Android Wear. The basic 'move and shoot' controls can be learned by anyone! Galaxia harks back to the days of Space Invaders, but feels far more modern and challenging. Not a game to blow minds by any means, but if you've got a long commute or stuck in line somewhere, then there are worse games to play on your wrist.


Sookie Says is a simple memory game in which you're shown four colored boxes that will blink in a particular pattern – your job is to remember the order. The patterns will get longer and more complex as you keep playing, so what starts out simply enough will quickly get challenging!


The controls for Wear Shooter are a bit difficult at first, as you basically have to aim by moving your wrist around and then fire your weapon by tapping the screen. Not a first-person shooter to overtake the likes of a new Call of Duty title anytime soon, but Wear Shooter is still a bit of fun and the graphics aren't as bad as you might think. It's definitely worth a look.


Finally, we'll pick Save The Troops to cap things off. Paratroopers need your help to land in a boat safely (why there are so many paratroopers and only a single boat is anyone's guess). You'll tap the screen back and forth to rescue them all, and over time you'll find that your reflexes need to get faster and faster. The human element makes the game even more urgent, as you don't want to let anyone fall into the sea, do you?

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