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GOD WARS Future Past

is a tactical RPG that explores the untold history of Japan through folklore and tactical combat. read more

Guide - Easy XP and JP Farming in GOD WARS Future Past

Author: Dian Raval

Category: Guide

Master all skills and level-up quickly with this easy EXP and JP farming guide for GOD WARS Future Past.

Easy XP and JP Farming in GOD WARS Future Past
GOD WARS Future Past sports a deep Job and Skill system that's insanely fun to tinker around with. As your party grows in size and you start to move to more advanced Jobs, earning Job Points (JP) becomes more and more tedious.

In this guide, you'll find the easiest and most effective way to grind for EXP and JP, perfect for catching up party members that are lagging behind in levels and job proficiency.

STEP 1: Start a Battle

Begin by initiating a battle. You can do this in Story Missions but I recommend doing it on Shrine Requests as they're usually more straightforward. It's best to pick a Request with a recommended level that's on or below your level. Be sure to have at least 4 party members before trying this.

Easy XP and JP Farming in GOD WARS Future Past. Shrine requests are good places to do this method.

STEP 2: Leave One Enemy Standing

Proceed with eliminating all enemies save for one. Pick the least dangerous one, preferably one that doesn't cast undesirable status effects. Once all other enemies are defeated, proceed in surrounding the remaining one. Box him in a single cell, blocking the front, back, and sides with your own units.

Easy XP and JP Farming in GOD WARS Future Past. Avoid accidentally killing the last enemy via poison/venom.

STEP 3: Spam Actions

Now the fun starts. Begin casting spells and performing actions that generate JP. Avoid using damaging spells as it's imperative that the last enemy stays alive. Experiment on different skills to figure out which of them generates the most JP per cast.


- Equip Proficency+, Fortune+, and/or EXP+ passives. These increase the amount of JP, Gold, and EXP you earn respectively. Fortune+ and EXP+ requires unlocking advanced jobs, but Proficency+ can be unlocked from the Priest Job, which is available from the get go.

- Unlock Secret Skills and Maiden Job
Have at least one Maiden when doing this and make sure you have already unlocked secret skills. The maiden has a secret skill that increases JP earned by 100% for the entire party and only requires 1 petal to cast.

Easy XP and JP Farming in GOD WARS Future Past. Maiden's JP Up secret skill is incredibly valuable.
- Keep an eye out on Equipment with EXP, Job, Gold, and Drop Rate modifiers. Once you get one, don't sell it. Even when it's obsolete.

- Support skills usually grant +15 EXP, which is the highest possible(unless wearing EXP+)when doing this method. Group heal skills also tend to give a buttload of JP. Experiment with your skills with this in mind.

- Inflicting petrify on the last enemy is a great way to use offensive skills on it without accidentally killing it. Petrified monsters convert all damage taken to 1. Just avoid doing critical attacks as its fatal to petrified enemies.

There you have it. This nifty little trick will save you a lot of time. This is a great way to speed up unlocking advanced jobs for when you want a certain class combination ASAP. With this, you can tinker your heart of with the job system to your heart's content.

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