Nintendo Interested in Making Anime for Franchises

During a shareholder meeting Nintendo answered a question regarding videos. Their response: Pikmin, Starfox and Yoshi may all be getting the anime treatment in the future!

Starfox may be getting an anime treatment in the future
Last week during Nintendo's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders after a lot of sales figures were announced there was a brief Q&A session.  One overlooked part of this was Nintendo's mention of creating films or anime for its franchises. 

Q:Regarding product video, are there any plans to bring back past content like Kirby anime on BD, or old games on DD for console/mobile?

Kimishima: We’ll look into investing toward film. We want to increase opportunities for Nintendo IP and guide consumers with hardware = software synergy. Regarding Kirby, we’ll take your valuable opinion into consideration.

Miyamoto: We hold the Kirby IP and it’s growing in Europe. It’s selling in Spain; watched in places without game hardware. We want to make anime for Pikmin, Star Fox, Yoshi, etc. and distribute it freely, or integrate into games.

While it may not mean that lucky enough franchises will be receiving a television series, it's possible we will see a new style of cut scene animation or promo material for Nintendo games.  This would not be Nintendo's first time investing in anime for its beloved titles.  Back in 2012 three short videos were released leading up to the launch of Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Other forgotten titles include an F-Zero series and even an Animal Crossing movie.

What other Nintendo franchises would you like get the anime treatment?  Personally I would love to see Xenoblade, Fire Emblem or Metroid in addition to Starfox.  Kimishima also mentioned film, do you think we could even get movies in the future?  Keep in mind that Nintendo is currently working with Universal Studios creating theme parks! 

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Definitely Legend of Zelda, though Starfox would be cool.



Still, no definitive news yet, so they could have just been listing games to list them.

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