New Xbox Avatars are incredibly customisable and diverse

The new avatar system revealed by Microsoft for Windows 10 and Xbox Live takes 2 steps forwards by including new body shapes, wheelchairs, baby bumps, gender neutral clothing and much more! We explore more of the upcoming features below.

New Xbox Avatars are incredibly customisable and diverse
Microsoft recently revealed it's new avatars for Windows 10 and Xbox live; much to the delight of many fans who have been using the same avatar system first released on the Xbox 360. These new avatars are incredibly diverse, customisable and forward thinking. There has not yet been an official release date for this update, but it has been stated for 'Fall 2017'.

Disabilities are now represented with wheelchairs and false limbs both shown in the reveal, with no doubt more surprises and options on release. Body shapes are now widely varied, hair colours have been vastly expanded and you can even have a baby bump on your character if you are expecting!  

New Xbox Avatars are incredibly customisable and diverse - amputee options
Male characters can now wear dresses, or anything they want as clothing is now also gender-neutral, another feature which seems long overdue, but highly appreciated. Personally, with my female avatar I was often annoyed that the 'male' avatars had access to a wider range of character costumes than I did, so I can't wait for this feature and the fun costumes that will follow.

The usual plethora of accessories, vehicles and animations are also making a return, with more options and better animations being displayed briefly in the video. Animations and items were one of the highlights of Microsoft's previous avatar system, so I am excited to see what else the team adds before the Fall 2017 release date.

What do you think of the new avatars? Are you glad you will soon be able to upgrade your previous virtual self, or will you be sad to see them go? Let us know down in the comments!

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