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New God of War Trailer And Release Window

Sony shows off another stunning God of War trailer that makes waiting for early 2018 even harder. Get ready to beat and slash through myriads of foes as Kratos unleashes his god-like fury.

New God of War Trailer And Release Window
Highly-anticipated God of War gets a new gameplay trailer at Sony's E3 2017 show. The new trailer tells a little more about the story and Kratos' inner and outward struggle to leave the past and embrace fatherhood. The third person action has an innovative new close-up view that looks stunning. The release window given for the game is early 2018. Amidst some disappointment that the game is still a little far, we have this new action trailer to watch and re-watch.

Are our readers able to wait for this game until early 2018? Let us know.

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