Hellblade To Be Just 6-8 Hours Long

Ninja Theory reveals upcoming game Hellblade's total length of play time to be between 6-8 hours long. This may explain why the game is launching at just $29.99 instead of the usual AAA price tag of $59.99.

Hellblade To Be Just 6-8 Hours Long
U.K. based developer Ninja Theory was bombarded with questions soon after they revealed their upcoming new game's, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice,price and release date. As revealed by the British developer, the game will release on August 8th, 2017 for both PS4 and PC with a price tag of just $29.99. This lead to an ensuing many questions as to why the game would cost half of what AAA games typically cost. Ninja Theory was then generous enough to shed some further light into the probable reasoning behind the low sale price. A representative of theirs took to twitter to announce the estimated length required to complete the game as he said,

To answer a frequently asked question: We haven't finished balancing the game yet, but we expect a playthrough of #Hellblade to take 6-8 hrs.

That statement may explain why the game will be priced at just $29.99. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a third-person linear action game that will not feature any kind of multiplayer. It follows the story of Celtic warrior Senua journeying into the Viking underworld. The game certainly promises a deep story and interesting melee weapon-based combat. Yet, the length might turn gamers that feel very strongly about the length that games should have. I certainly cannot wait to get my hands on it later this summer.

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