Report: Xbox One Users Largely Ignore BC X360 Games

Ars Technica report concludes with random sampling of Xbox One Gamertags that Xbox One backward compatibility is largely ignored. According to the analysis, Xbox One backward compatibility accounts for just 1.5% of Xbox One user time.

Report: Xbox One Users Largely Ignore BC X360 Games
Games media site Ars Technica recently performed an analysis study in order to check just how much of an impact Microsoft's backward compatibility efforts have made. The analysis used third-party API randomly sample usage data from about 1 million active Xbox One Gamertags during a five month period. It was discovered that from among 1.65 billion minutes of Xbox One usage, only 1.5 percent of that usage time was actually spent playing Xbox 360 backward compatible games. Check out the pie chart just below for the results of the study.

As seen in the chart, the Xbox 360 Backward compatibility game time amounted to just about 1.5% of total Xbox One user time. According to Ars Technica, that time also computes to something around 23.9 minutes per sampled active Xbox One user. This news is very shocking even though it accounts for just about 1 million users, but because the data was in fact collected randomly it does seem to suggest that the much appreciated feature of backward compatibility is in reality not used all that much. Soon after this report released, Corporate VP of Xbox, Mike Ybarra took to twitter to attempt to refute this claim as he said, "Scraping some data off servers gives an inaccurate view of what people do." However, it was glaring that the Microsoft executive failed to provide alternate data that could demonstrate the contrary to what the report is claiming. Therefore, it's easy to conclude that perhaps Ars Technica's analysis is on to something and may be predicting a somewhat accurate picture of the real impact that Xbox One backward compatibility has made..

Do our Xbox One readers use backward compatibility frequently? Any thoughts? Share them below.

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Yeah, its sad, but at the same time, I don’t think Xbox owners are the right group to determine how much BC is used. A lot of Xbox360 games are on PC, or have been remastered for Xbox1 (and others). Also, its not full BC, as its still missing a large library of games. On top of that, its BC its not so simple, and that coupled with many gamers likely not even aware of it…



A better picture would be to look at the 3DS or PS2, but that’s not so easy, is it?

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