Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense Review

Bravium is a fun action RPG mobile game that allows the player to start an epic adventure in a land that has been overtaken by different enemies. By collecting powerful materials and artifacts, you will lead the main warrior to become a legend through enjoyable battles.

Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense Review


For a mobile action defense game, Bravium brings very interesting elements that offer a fun experience to players who enjoy scrolling action titles. In a simple and original way, Bravium introduces a hero who must defeat strong enemies by utilizing automatic attacks and movements against opponents that inhabit this mysterious land.

One of the most interesting features of Bravium – RPG and Hero Defense is the possibility to reveal unique magic abilities for each of the characters you are using. In addition to that, you may also improve the “talent” of your hero based on the score accumulated at the end of levels.

Bravium – RPG and Hero Defense was developed by Ingame. The game contains in-app purchases but is free to download on iOS and Android

Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense Review. The game tutorial allows you to quickly get into the simple mechanics of your hero's journey.


Bravium introduces the adventure with a helpful tutorial, which will allow you to understand how to battle against monsters, beasts and other creatures. Once you start your adventure, you must work hard to retrieve your warrior’s land. In this tutorial, several elements of the epic journey will be listed to demonstrate how to better prepare for harder and more complicated combats. For example, you start with very simple instructions on how to correctly guide your character in the process of confronting enemies in a successful way. All of that can be done while strategically utilizing the available space and dropped resources to your benefit.

In the beginning of the journey, your character will start with simple attack movements, which include using a basic weapon and their main special ability. Moving to the upcoming levels, allows your hero to improve performance and unlock new abilities. This will definitely contribute to more effective assaults against the threatening creatures that slowly approach you. In addition to having more abilities available, your character can also unlock the capacity to hold more items. Materials found along the way will be very useful in the journey, such as a good variety of potions that can quickly help you replenish mana, health and also improve your attack power.

One of the best takeaways from the initial tutorial is that moving slowly can make a huge difference on your performance. After playing for some time, it becomes very clear that killing enemies at your own pace can make things a lot easier. On the other hand moving a little faster give you better chances to destroy towers, which represent your main target. Finally, there are several available items ready to be collected for every creature that you knock out. When completing levels, you will be able to collect coins that can be used to buy your gear, which should match the level of strength of upcoming enemies.

Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense Review. Work your way to find powerful artifacts and unlock new weapons as you level up.


If you are searching for a well-developed mobile game that contains a simple and intuitive set of controls, Bravium – RPG and Hero Defense is a great choice to consider. Even though there is not a fast paced structure in the combat movements, it is very entertaining to guide your hero in their journey while attacking opponents and decimating towers. For the main actions, all you need to worry about is tapping the screen to move your character and collect dropped items. Make sure to check your inventory often enough to maintain the hero fully equipped to upcoming attacks.

Fighting enemies could not be simpler. Your warrior will automatically attack approaching opponents, which gives you the freedom to tap the screen at any time in order to select abilities and items. However, Bravium’s mechanics can become sort of tricky at some moments. This 2D side scrolling RPG allows you to not only move right to advance but also take some steps back in order to better dodge attacks against your hero. This can be sort of overwhelming when you find yourself surrounded by a huge wave of monsters, with little space to move around. In the end, this characteristic is part of the challenging structure of the game and should not stop you from taking your warrior to the end on each level.

In addition to killing opponents, one of the most important details of the journey is to make sure that you destroy all the towers encountered along the way. In order to get three stars on each level, you must remember that you are not only hunting monsters down, but also eliminating those mysterious structures from the map. Playing for all three starts allows you to upgrade your character’s talents, meaning that they will perform better and attack in a more effective way during the next stage. For instance, Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, and Wisdom are specific characteristics that make up the hero you use in combats. They can all get a massive improvement through stars. Also, keep in mind that these and other attributes become more expensive the more you upgrade them. Because of that, it is important to carefully select what kind of improvements you want to see in your hero when getting them ready for the next level.

More than just paying attention to what type of danger is coming next, the player should also keep an eye on their weapon’s strength. They can easily break during battles and you must be ready to quickly access your inventory in order to replace them. Although heroes can use a large array of weapons, some of them are specifically designed to power up certain warriors. In addition to that, magical elements are specific to the character you are playing with. For every stage, your hero will have an array of three magical abilities that can be used against opponents. The player is only allowed edit pre-selected skills, once that game session is over and they are ready to move on to the next level.

A very important thing to remember is that using abilities can decrease the amount of mana available to your hero. Even though carrying a good variety of potions will help you refill mana, you must be mindful about how you attack enemies. When playing Bravium, I caught myself using an excessive amount of abilities (for the fun of it) and ended up running out of moves when I most needed them.

Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense Review. The main map gives you an idea about where the adventure is headed.


Bravium – RPG and Hero Defense brings great graphics blended in a fun and inviting interface. All characters introduced in the journey have simple attack movements with outstanding performance. Another nice visual characteristic is in regards to the colors. There is a beautiful combination of tones from the main map to the options menu, which shows the effort of the developers on making this title pleasant to the eyes of the player. In addition, it is very interesting to see a nice image of the land before hitting “tap to start” right before moving on to a new game session.

On the other hand, it would be really helpful to see a simple set of stats on the top of the screen while advancing on each level. Adding such detail to the journey experience would allow players to have an idea of the heroes’ resistance, base damage, and other valuable information.

In regards to audio, Bravium does a great job setting a nice epic theme that takes the adventure to where it should be. At some moments, I felt overwhelmed by the combination of all sound effects playing at the same time while trying to enjoy the battles. The good news is that Bravium has a very handy way to give access to the audio right at the Pause menu. This allows the player to quickly switch the music on and off if they wish to do so.

Overall, the game quality is impeccable. However, I would really like to see the same quality applied in more options to customize characters. Since heroes play a major role in the gameplay, there is definitely the potential for that.

Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense Review. Battles can become intense as difficulty can increase fast.


Bravium is a fun action RPG that will let you dive into an epic adventure, meet new characters and fight monsters in a mysterious land. Spending real money is not really a must if you want to go far, but can make a huge difference to your performance. The difficulty on each level can rise pretty fast, so you must sure that your hero is well-prepared and strong enough to face the upcoming challenge. If you happen to lose a battle, the game will give nice tips on how to fight better the next time you play. For those players who are interested in an entertaining action genre for their mobile device, I highly recommend trying Bravium out.

+ Good graphics and sound – Adds can slow down the fun
+ Free to play – Difficulty rises too quickly
+ Intuitive controls – Lacks character customization options
– Missing on-screen stats details

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