Square Enix Will Let IO Interactive Keep Hitman Franchise

Despite putting the developer on the market earlier this month, the publisher is willing to let the franchise "carry on" with IO Interactive.

Square Enix Will Let IO Interactive Keep Hitman Franchise
Though it's now common knowledge that publisher Square Enix will selling off IO Interactive, one question on everyone's mind was whether or not the developer would continue with its franchises, notably Hitman and Kane and Lynch, the former of which just enjoyed a rather successful reboot last year.

Luckily, according to a recently released financial document, it seems as though the studio will indeed maintain its rights to these games. Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda said to investors that the publisher is in talks with letting go of the franchises so that IO can "carry on" with them. His full quote is as follows:

"Because the firm is engaged in the development of Hitman and other renowned titles, we are negotiating with prospective external investors capable of ensuring that these titles carry on."

This may also imply that the studio is already in development of a continuation to the rebooted series, though only time will be able to confirm this.

Square Enix also outlined its "aggressive plans" for the West in said document and expressed the intention to design games able to generate recurring revenue streams in the future.

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