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Petition for Far Cry 5 Villains to be Less White/More Muslim

In response to the characters and settings in Far Cry 5, an online petition has been started demanding Ubisoft change the villains to be less white and Christian, as well as change the location to anywhere other than America, at least for the American release.

Petition for Far Cry 5 Villains to be Less White/More Muslim
Earlier this month we got a lot of new information about the upcoming Far Cry 5. To summarize, you'll be playing a customizable character who teams up with some local Hope County residents to fight back against a radical religious doomsday cult who have taken over the town in Montana, USA. While some found this to be an interesting direction for the series to take, others have found the content to be in poor taste.

An online petition has been started demanding Ubisoft, publisher of the Far Cry games, make specific changes to the game or cancel it outright. The changes the petition details are summarized as:

  • "Change the villains…to something more realistic."
  • "Alter the villains…consider mixing the races."
  • "Alter the plot…to show that both sides are wrong."
  • "Change the setting…to Canada for America."

The petition ends by saying:

Follow one of more of these and this game will be saved from PC hell and multicultural development.  We Americans have so few games to call our own, and we’re tired of losing them to multi-cultural bullshit.

At the time of writing, the petition has 700+ of the 1,000 signatures it needs before it will be sent to Ubisoft. This does not mean Ubisoft will be forced to make these changes, just that they'll be informed of the requests. The reaction on twitter has been a mix of disbelief and amusement, but an overall tone that they don't agree with the content of the petition.

Petition for Far Cry 5 Villains to be Less White/More Muslim - Twitter Reacts to Petition

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Nick Banks

My God. I was aware of a petition that went down for this earlier last year. But I didn’t know it was this outrageous. People are asking for things “to be more realistic” when they fail to see this kind of stuff actually goes on in the world. They’re claiming a kind of veiled racism but they’re being racist themselves against anywhere in the world other that the not-so-pristine Americas. At the end of the day… it’s just a game. Bunch of silly snowflakes. I hope Ubisoft doesn’t change a thing


”We americans.. we’re tired of losing them to multi-cultural bullsh*t” the irony.

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