From Software’s Rumored New IP To Show At E3?

Reddit user provides quite a bit of details on a rumored new Souls-like game from From Software. The new game would apparently have an Aztec or Mayan setting.

From Software's Rumored New IP To Show At E3?
According to a reddit user, From Software is going to show a new IP at E3 instead of the much coveted and rumored Bloodborne 2. HellaciousHutch from reddit claims that the rumor comes from a "notorious and accurate leaker." He also claims that this new game will be a PS4 exclusive as it will be another development collaboration between Sony's Japan Studio and From Software just like it was with Bloodborne. The rumor came with a great amount of details regarding the potential upcoming game. According to HellaciousHutch and his source, the game would presumably include the following:

Ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic.

Emphasis on hand-to-hand combat techniques and "martial art styles" (hand-to-hand fighting styles, I should clarify, as to not confuse people thinking the game will have an Aztec/Mayan aesthetic with straight up Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do lol)

Traditional melee weapons still in (i.e. clubs), but they won't have a major focus; weapon-based movesets are gone.

Instead, players will customize and personalize their hand-to-hand movesets and fighting styles, there is customization for weapon fighting styles as well, however. (This kinda-sorta sounds like Nioh to me, with the weapon skill trees and such, just my personal opinion).

Is the "Souls-like, dark fantasy, familiar" game Miyazaki mentioned when interviewed about the future of From Software. Armored Core and a "strange form From Software" game were the other 2 mentioned.

The reddit user invites us to take this rumor with a pinch of salt as it may be completely made up. I also recommend our readers to do the same. It is very likely that we will learn what From Software has been up to at this upcoming E3 soon in any case. What is clear though is that the talented developer behind the Dark Souls and Bloodborne games has garnered quite a well-earned reputation.

Would our readers be excited for another Souls like game? Let us know below.

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