Microsoft Sues Chinese Gaming Service Company

Microsoft files a complaint against Chinese Company Gameest International Network Sales Co. with allegations of corruption and theft. The company in question appears to be using Xbox user hacked accounts to purchase in-game credits since 2015.

Software giant Microsoft recently filed a complaint against a Chinese "gaming service" company with allegations of hacking Xbox accounts and selling proceeds for maximum profit. The Chinese company in question goes by the name Gameest International Network Sales Co. in association with website iGSKY and prides itself in offering players a venue to obtain in-game credits and rare items. Microsoft claims that those credits are being bought using Xbox user hacked accounts. In this way the Chinese company would have pocketed over $2 million in profits. As result, the Washington corporation filed a Complaint for Damages and Equitable Relief. In it, Microsoft presents the grievance as follows in the introduction. I will list below some of the items included in the intro to the document in order to shed light on some of the allegations and methodology of the perpetrator.

1.Defendants, through their website (''iGSKY"), are engaged in the international trafficking of stolen Microsoft Account ("MSA") credentials, together with fraudulently obtained virtual gaming currencies for the Xbox video game console. These virtual gaming currencies are commonly referred to as "Points," "Coins," "Credits," or "Stored Value," among other things (collectively, "virtual gaming currencies"…

2. In order to perpetrate their scheme, Defendants unlawfully obtain stolen MSA credentials and use those credentials to gain unauthorized access to MSAs and the account holders' linked credit cards. Defendants then fraudulently purchase virtual gaming currencies from Microsoft with the credit cards.

4. Defendants are reaping millions of dollars in illicit profits from their illegal enterprise.

This story was brought to our attention by the news site It presents quite a nightmare of a situation for both Microsoft and Xbox users. Here's to hoping that justice is served quick and that the hacking threat is removed as quickly as possible. Our condolences go to those affected by the theft perpetrated already. According to Microsoft, this seems to have been going on since 2015. Follow the link below for the full complaint filed by the home of Xbox.

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It doesn’t explain how the Chinese company gets the credentials of Xbox accounts, so I assume is through channels other than hacking Xbox servers. Because I thought Xbox Live was quite secure.

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