Kickstarter campaign for Unformed starts this week

Unformed unfolds in an world obsessed with immortality; power-hungry kings, sinister cults and spirits abound. But experimenting with everlasting life will cost the inhabitants of Huangting Valley dearly. After a battle between kings and cults, an ancient god is awoken and the valley slips into hell.

Kickstarter campaign for Unformed starts this week
You, a soul-collector involved in immortal-studies, must gather your wits, battle skills and magic to bring peace back to Huangting Valley and discover the secret to immortality before it’s too late. 

Unformed trailer:

Unformed Announcement Trailer

Unformed is scheduled to be released on PC this summer, with console versions (PS4 / Xbox One) coming later in 2017. The game will be released through Steam, with DRM-Free options available at Good Old Games and Humble Store. The developers also plan to release Unformed for portable devices (PSVita / 3DS) and Nintendo Switch eventually after releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox.

The Kickstarter campaign to fully-fund Unformed starts on May 24th and will last for 30 days. To find out more information about the game, check the official website.

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