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Little Nightmares DLC/Sequel Teased

Little Nightmares future content is teased by Bandai Namco. After a very mysterious video and a short message we are left eager to learn more about what lies next for this recent hit.

Little Nightmares DLC/Sequel Teased
The publisher behind Indie hit Little Nightmares just released some information regarding their future plans for the puzzle-platformer franchise. Tarsier Studios new gaming darling was critically-acclaimed and reviewed well at Keengamer as well. Now it seems that either a new piece of downloadable content or a sequel is in the works. Publisher Bandai Namco left us the following video for us scrutinize carefully.

Little Nightmares - Accolades Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC

With that teaser, Bandai Namco only had a very cryptic statement to make in order to keep the suspense going:

Be patient and watch it till the very end to get a clue about the future of LITTLE NIGHTMARES…Who's that boy?

Little Nightmares is a combination of a puzzle-platformer horror adventure that released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is about a nine-year old girl named Six who happens to be both very hungry as well as trapped in a strange resort under the power of some dark creatures. It's the young girl's decision to escape that begins a great thrilling adventure. The game was praised specially for its atmosphere and story

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