Zombies Chronicles Guide: The Basics

A nice surprise for fans of the undead horde mode hit of Call of Duty, Zombies Chronicles arrives on the PS4. Let's get you in the know for this brand new DLC pack.

Zombies Chronicles Guide : The Basics. Main poster.


So, unless you've been living under a rock. Call of Duty has a Zombies mode. Originally created and perfected by Treyarch (World at War, Black Ops series), this spinoff horde mode has become a beloved experience that now returns in every instalment. Back in 2015, Black Ops 3 was released, along with the next muchly anticipated chapter of the Zombies saga. After the season of content, and one bonus remastered map (Der Reise from World at War) most presumed the game's lifecycle had completed. Until now.

Six maps weren't enough for Treyarch. Following a steady flow of rumours over the last year, DLC 5 was finally revealed in all its undead, flesh-eating glory just over 2 weeks ago. A total of 8 remasted maps bundled together as a separate piece of DLC (not part of Season Pass) for Black Ops 3 – available right now !!!


As mentioned, you get 8 totally remastered maps. These include 3 from World at War (which now complete all original maps), 4 from Black Ops and 1 from Black Ops 2. Here is a breakdown:

– Nacht der Untoten (World at War)
– Verrukt (World at War)
– Shi No Numa (World at War)
– Kino der Toten (Black Ops 1)
– Ascension (Black Ops 1)
– Shangri-La (Black Ops 1)
– Moon (Black Ops 1)
– Origins (Black Ops 2)


Great question, This is not a port. This is not simply an HD upscale. These are complete overhauls from the originals. Built from scratch, using the Black Ops 3 engine – these maps have never looked so beautiful. From dynamic light and shadowing to remixed sound effects – to complete artistic reworks. Each map looks incredible, easily standing alongside the selection of the newest maps.

Zombies Chronicles Guide : The Basics. Kino remastered


Funny you should wonder. Yes actually. For all players that purchase Zombies Chronicles, you get 20 vials of Liquid Divinium (helps you purchase Gobblegums), two new whimsical Gobblegum (basically goofy modifiers) and an exclusive Zombies Pack-a-Punch weapon camo – groovy.


It will cost your wallet £24.99/$29.99 and is not part of the season pass. In my opinion, 8 maps for this price is just about right. Considering a standard pack will cost half; it works out fair.

On the PS4, the download size is a little over 15GB. 


Due to recent deals with surrounding exclusivity with Sony, all present plans of Call of Duty DLC will cover a 30 days time period before being released on other platforms. For PC and Xbox owner ,expect the same wait. That places it roughly around the 13th of June. Preorder information and the exact release date should be revealed within the month.

Zombies Chronicles Guide : The Basics. Moon Remastered


Luckily for you, I got it covered. All week I'll be playing through day and night of Zombies Chronicles are releasing a bunch of guides to help those ready to slaughter the endless hordes of nazi corpses. Expect the following through the coming week:

  • Breakdown of the maps included, and those not
  • The Changes made from the Originals
  • The Best Spots to Survive and the Ideal Trains to Master
  • Finding the many secrets of each map, from songs to sound effects

Trust me, I've been playing Zombies since I can remember. So be assured I have some idea what I'm doing.


That's the basics; the simple stuff you need to know before considering this epic blast from the past. Keep a look out for my future guides that will get into the nitty gritty details, advising you through the gates of hell for the good of mankind. Until then, thanks for reading.

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