Ready at Dawn Working on an AAA Open World New IP

The Developers Behind The Order 1886 and recent De-Formers Seem To Be Working On A New IP That Is A 3rd Person AAA Action Game That May Be Open World.

Ready at Dawn Working on an AAA Open World New IP
Previous rumors suggesting a possible The Order 1886 sequel have not been discarded yet but it does look like that a new 3rd person action game is in the works and has likely been in development for some time. A career posting at Ready at Dawn reads:

"We are in the pre-production phase of an exciting new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP we are creating."

To that effect the studio is hiring for quite a bit of positions in order to further make headway into developing the game. Once such position is the "Lead Level Designer." The description for the role is very telling and seems to clearly suggest that the title is going to be an "Open World" game of some capacity. The role details are as follows:


  • Development of design documentation for level progression (flow); level layouts and 3D block-outs for in-engine playtesting.
  • Bring new ideas to the table in regards to every facet of the game; mechanics, story, missions, and more
  • Work closely with the artists and programmers to take ideas from conception to implementation

So based on the second bullet point, the new IP is likely an open world. Specially since The Order 1886 was thoroughly linear with no side missions to speak of. Here, Ready at Dawn suggests that the game might have different facets including story and missions. Given the fact that The Order 1886 was heavily criticized for its length, it's very plausible that the California developer is now trying to make an open world game as these are generally known to be of greater length than linear experiences.

The new IP game might have entered production phase by now and perhaps more will be revealed at E3. It's interesting to note that the posting mentions that the game is a console title. Thus, hinting that it might not be headed to PC. While the omission of whether it's multi-platform or not might in itself reveal that it could be an exclusive. That wouldn't be all that surprising as the studio has done Playstation exclusives for over a decade with The Order 1886 being the last example.

What do you think about this 3rd person action AAA new IP from Ready at Dawn based on the description? Do you think it will be open world and or exclusive? Let us know in the comments below.

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