Square Enix Teases More PS1 Remakes

Final Fantasy XII:The Zodiac Age Director Takashi Katano Opens The Doors to More PS1 Final Fantasy Remakes.

Square Enix Teases More PS1 Remakes
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Game Director Takashi Katano just recently revealed to IBTimes UK that Square Enix is looking to remake additional Final Fantasy titles that released back on the PS1. This news comes hot off the heels of the imminent release of Final Fantasy 12 for PS4 and the daily progress of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This obviously opens the door wide open for the return of the popular worlds of Squall, Zidane and Terra along with their respective gangs.

Takashi Katano further stresses that the new games would be in all likelihood remakes rather than just remasters as he states, "[Final Fantasy 12] is a PS2 title, and you look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before the PS2 era is going to be quite difficult to do a modern remaster of to a suitable level of quality…That means [a future game] is far more likely to be a remake."

Remakes are essentially building an existing game from the ground up with new features, modern-day graphics, new mechanics and newer sections that were not present in the original. Remasters, on the other hand, usually only update the graphics without touching anything else to an already existing game. Examples that come to mind for remakes are the new Resident Evil originally made for the Gamecube or the new upcoming Final Fantasy VII for PS4 and for remasters the God of War 3 or The Last of Us that already released on PS4.

This news comes as quite exciting since remakes tend to innovate the original game in various ways. Final Fantasy VII is set to bring a new real-time battle system along with a deeper and expanded story. While its also true that the multi-part series direction is somewhat polemical for fans of the original. There is, however, no doubt that many are eager to see just how this remake will turn out.

Square Enix Teases More PS1 Remakes: main character
As to which Final Fantasy will be remade next, Katano claims that the fans will be the ones to decide, "we really have to hear their voices on that." This seems to have been the process that led to the Final Fantasy VII Remake as there were tons of requests for that game in particular. Square Enix was able to gauge interest at the E3 of 2015 when they fooled the crowd into thinking they were going to announce a remake and just announced the original PS1 game for the PS4 instead.

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