Housemarque Hiring for an Expert Animator of Alien Lifeforms

Housemarque is betting on alien life forms and story cutscenes to further refine twin stick shooting goodness.

Housemarque Hiring for an Expert Animator of Alien Lifeforms
The Alienation and Resogun developers just posted some new openings in their main website. Housemarque is apparently looking for both a Senior Animator as well as a Tool Programmer. Everything in the description below seems to suggest that these openings are meant to strengthen and further move along development for either Nex Machina or Matterfall. Although filing these roles for work on a new IP is always a possibility and specially this close to E3.

The Senior Animator posting has a very revealing section that reads:

The tasks for a senior animator at Housemarque can vary all the way from animating humans to weird alien lifeforms and everything in-between, from gameplay animation to cutscenes.

The above description seems to suggest that the Finnish developer is definitely bringing aliens back again from their latest title Alienation. While the stress on "cutscenes" might indicate that story may begin to play a greater role in their upcoming titles. Bringing a new focus on story via cutscenes could very well take the studio's renowned twin stick shooting gameplay experience to new levels.

Housemarque Hiring for an Expert Animator of Alien Lifeforms as seen on Alienation
Critically-acclaimed developer Housemarque is responsible for bringing PS4 exclusive games of the likes of Resogun, Dead Nation Apocalypse, Super Stardust Ultra, and Alienation. With also upcoming PS4 exclusives Nex Machina (2017) and Matterfall (TBD) as stated above.

What do our readers think of the prospect of blasting aliens all over again with possible story-focused cutscenes? Let us know in the comments below.

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