Warhammer Quest Review (Xbox One)

Warhammer Quest brings the characteristics of a top-down RPG adventure in a dungeon exploring platform. Players can plan a battling strategy with a total of four characters per party. Each hero has a unique array of attacking moves that can be used against opponents in order to complete missions and travel to new towns.

Warhammer Quest Review (Xbox One)


Warhammer Quest was initially developed for PC and later adapted to mobile platforms. It is now available for Xbox and includes a traditional role-playing structure in medieval style. If you are a fan of similar concepts, you should definitely give this one a try.

Players who choose to join the adventure will be able to take control of a small party of heroes that must complete quests to advance in their journey. The dungeon style adds a nice touch to the game concept. Every time you enter a new room, there is a different dungeon that is generated by the room tile. From that, players will also have the chance to use a dice table system to determine what action will be taken next. For example, depending on how lucky you are on a particular turn, you will get a selection or movements that can be more of less efficient in a battle against your enemy. The good news about that is that completing missions are never exactly the same experience. A better performance on each turn will give you the chance to advance to the next town. The game brings a total of three regions that you can explore at your own pace after traveling around seven towns in each area. When you start your adventure and become ready to move to the next town for the first time, you should stay focused on your surroundings by checking the dungeon characteristics and bonus loot.

Initial quests are simple and easier to complete. As you advance, each mission begins to comprise into more parts while gradually improving difficulty. Because of that, even if your party has weaker characters, you should be able to quickly advance to a tougher dungeon in the beginning of the game.

Warhammer Quest also includes additional content that can be purchased to improve your heroes set up and overall experience with the game. For example, aside from buying coins and character classes, players can also get extra missions to extend the adventure a little further. That is a great advantage for fans who would rather continue a pre-existing journey, instead of starting the game from the very beginning.

Warhammer Quest was developed by Rodeo Games and Twistplay. It is available for Xbox One for $29.99

Warhammer Quest Review (Xbox One). The top-down view of the game allows the player to have a general perspective of the dungeon structure.


One of the negative things about the game is that it misses the chance to bring an engaging story for players to follow. There are also no voices giving describing adventure or providing some of the game insights, which for me can make it less interesting to someone who is playing the game for the first time.

Jumping right into the gameplay, you will encounter a traditional turn based set up, where heroes make the first move, and then are followed by the opponent. Entering each dungeon leads the player to kill new enemies and complete the available missions. Even though there is an increase in difficulty after each level after, be prepared to face a repetitive scenario in the next round. Aside from the intense repetition, leveling up my heroes, was my main motivation to keep going and completing new quests. That can be done by collecting more experience from battling opponents and sending your character to the training academy (which will cost you some coins). It is important to keep in mind that even if your character is “ready to level up”, you still need to have enough coins to complete this action. As heroes level up, their stats improve and new abilities are unlocked, resulting in a better performance of your entire team. This training structure doesn’t always work as quickly as you want, but it encourages players to actively rotate heroes in their party and make sure to use each one’s potential to the best.

Once you are comfortable with the game structure, all you have to do is lead your team into tons of battles and complete your missions. The quests include not only the central requirements for you to advance but also a good amount of additional side quests that sometimes are not directly related to the other game objectives. It is a great idea to complete all of them as part of your strategy to become stronger and complete the adventure.

Warhammer Quest Review (Xbox One). Although there is not a storyline to follow, the Adventurer's guild will provide extra information on each character available.


Warhammer Quest has a simple and easy-to-follow game structure. Heroes must defeat enemies with powerful moves on each turn of battles. Although this sounds pretty basic, enemies are not always the same, and differ in terms of vulnerability and ranged attacks. There is always a chance to find a tougher opponent who will give you a hard time completing a mission.

Analyzing the other side of the table, heroes are also able to use unique moves that give players specific opportunities to complete their goals. I was happy to see certain abilities such as spells to inflict direct damage on enemies and also actions towards my party, like curing allies.

As expected, having a team of a warrior, a dwarf, an elf, and a wizard gave my team a very good combination of actions that became more and more effective as I increased their experience levels. In the beginning, the chances to apply a real strategy are very limited, but if you really enjoy this type of strategy it is worth it to keep yourself determined and focused.

A good point of the game is the variation of quests and missions, which is something that I found myself constantly focused on. Being able to increase the experience level of my heroes and clear the dungeons paths with stronger moves was also something very fun to work on.

The fact that this is a mobile game adapted to console without a few extra controlling improvements, gives Warhammer Quest players a not so good experience. A very good example of that are the menu options and navigation. I really felt like I was not using my Xbox controller in a very efficient way, but could definitely see how that would make sense on and Android or iOS platform.

In summary, the title has an average gameplay structure that lacks multiplayer modes and brings some disappointing aspects in terms of challenge. Even though there is a lot to complete when exploring the dungeons, the overall structure seems very repetitive and doesn’t add much to the concept of a real medieval adventure.

Warhammer Quest Review (Xbox One). It is interesting to explore the content available in the market section of the game. There are good ways to improve the gameplay experience and continue moving further in the adventure.


The design of Warhammer Quest is simple and not very appealing when your first look at it. For that reason, it does not outstand expectations in terms of setting an appealing dungeon-crawler design to the game. The graphics are very old-school, which is very noticeable when you first look at the grid map.

On the other hand, the game does a good job bringing a variety of monsters like orcs, trolls, and goblins. Because of that, there is a wide selection of creatures and dungeon themes to interact with as you continue to travel. Most of the gameplay will give you a top–down view of each town and other environments. Besides being able to check the heroes’ images that appear in the adventurer’s guild, there are no other details to catch during the battles.

One of the main criticism I would have to add is in terms of audio. Considering that dungeon-crawler titles can bring great possibilities to the story-telling aspect of the game, there are a few things that did not go too well with Warhammer Quest.  First, even though the overall sound quality is satisfactory, there are no elements that may really catch the player’s attention while completing quests and exploring new towns. Besides that, I would really enjoy having the heroes voice-acting after completing an action in a vibrant and engaging way.

On the positive side, Warhammer Quest strong audio characteristic comes in terms of the sound of weapons, during the moment of combats.  The overall experience with the game’s audio is not awful, but it has room for improvements.

Warhammer Quest Review (Xbox One). The game mechanics are not completely bad but have room for improvements on both graphics and audio.


Warhammer Quest doesn’t seem to be the best option for a role-playing console gamer, as it seems to have been better optimized for mobile usage. This can easily be justified by some of the gameplay aspects that make the player not want to move forward to the next challenge. It is hard to maintain your interest in the game when you keep finding yourself in a repetitive loop of actions multiple times.

However, the game is not completely bad. There are several great options to keep you busy, especially with the large array of quests. The overall idea is that it could have been better improved for console players from different angles. If you feel like you would enjoy a medieval strategy genre and are not setting very high expectations for a new game, don’t hesitate to give this one a try.

+ Nice variety of dungeons and monsters– Repetitive and boring
+ Good music– No multiplayer
+ Expandable missions and content– Game misses an engaging story
– Difficult navigation for console
– Average audio with no voice-acting availability

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