1C announces partnership with Destructive Creations

1C joins forces with indie developer Destructive Creations to support a work-in-progress title that is set in Middle ages. The game is said to have an extensive singleplayer campaign and intense online multiplayer. The developers say the title is built around real events and features historical accuracy and advanced game mechanics.

1C announces partnership with Destructive Creations
Even though Destructive Creations (DC) is a rather new indie team, some of its members have an experience of working with 1C on various other projects. The team at DC will make a good use of this collective experience while anticipating the needs of today’s gamers. The developers are now working on their third title, and it is their biggest project so far. Their first title, Hatred, is sure bugging their minds with its success, but Destructive Creations is consistent at bringing games to market that are both of a high technical standard and appeal to many players.

“We do realize there has been a lot of controversy with their previous titles, but we see and value the team’s potential in its many strong individual talents, and are looking forward to working together, to publish their third game,”
said Anton Ravin, the 1C Company’s Business development director.

“We always wanted to make a title like this one. All of our past work has been leading to this point. The name we’ve made for ourselves cuts both ways, and I believe the quality of our products and their captivating content will always be the stronger one. This is also why we chose 1C to be our partner on this project,”
says Jarosław Zieliński, Destructive Creations’ CEO.

While on May 9, 2017, both companies will share more info about the forthcoming title, this year's Gamescom is planned to be an event where a full-scale hands-on presentation will happen. 

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