5 Games That Should Be Movies

Video games are an interactive medium meant to let the player explore and navigate the story of another world. It is an experience that many simplify into just a childish hobby, but it is more than that. Games can also offer some of the most marvelous storytelling experience that can rival the best cinematic projects.

5 Games That Should be Movies
Games weren't always the highly sophisticated art they are today. They used to have huge flaws, even for legendary pieces like Super Mario World, but as times have evolved so have video games. They have become highly complicated entities that have the intricate maps, charming characters, and dazzling graphics. One of the most notable accomplishments is the narrative. Games have began to rival most movies, in fact, some have become movies in their own right. Here are five games that I believe would make fantastic movies in no particular order.

heavy rain

5 Games That Should be Movies. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a psychological, noir action-adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and written by David Cage. The game is about four separate characters and how their lives intersect in the search for the notorious Origami serial killer. The game has no button mash system. It can only be played by looking at the environment and interacting with it. The story is actually very intriguing in how it brings the characters together and weaves a compelling narrative. 

I would say that this story should be developed and made into a movie by the same crew of the suspense thriller Gone Girl. The stories use similar storytelling methods (save the multiple storyline angle). I think they could capture the mood and correctly make this into a viable movie option. I would have to say my choice of lead would be Michael C. Hall. He is the star of the critically acclaimed show, Dexter. He would bring the same levity and gravitas to the role as he did with the charming serial killer. Plus, who else would you trust to play the broken father chasing a serial killer?

Final fantasy X

5 Games That Should be Movies. Final Fantasy X

Of course I had to put a Final Fantasy on the list. What kind of gamer would I be if I didn’t throw one in? Final Fantasy X is a JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) created by Square Enix. It is, in my personal opinion, the best of the Final Fantasy series by far. The story of young Blitzball champion, Tidas, trying to save the bright world of Spira after his homeland is destroyed. It is a beautiful story that takes the player on an emotional roller coaster.

I would say this story would be best suited for James Cameron, the creator of the AvatarCameron does a excellent job creating a world unlike our own, but very much like it to explore a gripping story, and I think he would pay similar respect for the vast world of Spira. Dylan Sprayberry, one of the leads of Teen Wolf would be my choice for Tidus. He is an energetic kid that could pull off underwater athlete and golden boy hero.

In truth, I picked this one also because Final Fantasy 7 has Advent Children — a marvelous epilogue to a video game masterpiece. This game is one of my favorites of all times and it would do well as a movie just because of some it’s interesting plot points and layers upon layers of subtext.

Last of us

5 Games That Should be Movies. Last of Us

If Last of Us wasn’t on my list I would think someone (a lot like me) would send me threats and I would deserve it. Last of Us is an action-adventure game created by Naughty Dog and written by Neil Druckmann. The game is marvelous for various reasons, but I would consider the story the crown jewel of this project. In a post-apocalyptic world teeming with creatures with fungal diseases that make them look like humanoid shrooms, jaded, smuggler Joel must smuggle rebel,tween Ellie to save a now ravaged United States. This heart-wrenching tale does so well with the story that sometimes you actually forget it is a video game. Druckmann drops you into his world and says good luck as struggle for every last breath.

The reason this game is perfect is because its movie counterpart was just recently released. Loganthe swan song to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine perfectly captures, not only the world, but also the character dynamic in this game. Mangold would marry these two projects and put this on screen in a way that only he could. I would think that Gerard Butler would be the only choice for Joel. He has the body structure and the acting chops to play this very dramatic role. Honestly, this is a great game,but I believe this would be an ever better movie.


5 Games That Should be Movies. Bioshock

Although this game has been recognized as one of the best, I think this game is still spoken in whispers amongst the more legendary games. Bioshock is a FPS (first-person shooter) created by 2K games and written by Ken Levine. Levine uses steampunk and horror to create a truly sensational experience both in gameplay and story. Set in the 1960’s, you play Jack a naïve man who gets dragged into a vast conspiracy in an underwater world known as Rapture. Very few game come close to the storytelling and gameplay as was pioneered in BioshockIt was given multiple positive reviews. 
I would think that the cast of Looper would do this game the most justice. Since Bioshock is truly unique in genre and style, it was difficult to find a suitable match for this game. Rian Johnson created a cool world and a similar dark world that would bring out this game’s fullest potential on the big screen. Since I used Looper, I thought it appropriate that I use Joseph Gordon Levitt as the lead. Jack was kind of plain as an individual, but extremely integral to the story. Levitt can be the kind of guy who can fade into the background in a story, and he can easily pass for an everyman in the 60’s. I believe this game would be one of the most difficult to translate with a huge special effects budget and unique blend of genre, but it would pay dividends if everything comes together in the end. 

Dead space

5 Games That Should be Movies. Dead Space

What is scarier than zombies? Zombies in space. Dead Space is a third-person horror action game created by Electronic Arts. In this game, engineer, Isaac Clarke must battle zombie space creatures called Necromorphs in order to escape the space station and mining ship, the Ishimura. This game is to this new generation what Resident Evil was to the previous generation. It is based on terrifying builds in suspense that ends with bowel-emptying surprises. It is paradoxical in that it creates an atmosphere of a chilling thrills and childlike wonder. You do not want to play this game in the dark. In this futuristic tale, Isaac must use his engineering skill to create weapons to increase his own chances of survival.

I liken this game to The Walking Dead in terms of storytelling. Around every corner, there is a new issue to solve and just when you don’t think it can get worse someone gets bitten. The person that, I believes, makes the most sense for this role is Jake Gyllenhaal. After his performance in Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal displays his range in a way that I didn’t think he had. I think he has the ability to play a savvy engineer that battles space zombies.

Clearly, this isn't a complete list and I know there are games that people believe should be on this list (Uncharted comes to mind). However, I am proud of this list and this is also open for interpretation. I am aware that, nine times out of ten, games that become movies are a major disappointment, but I do think that these quality projects I chose should offset that. Either way, maybe the player should play these games so they can experience it for themselves.

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I like that you put the preferred cast and crew with your list. My list would be of course a bit different, but it is to be expected :).     I just want to point out movie The Road, that I think is very close to The Last of Us movie. Of course its not exactly the same, but its so close that one may think that the same novel could be inspiration for both. Its not the best movie ever made, but I think its above most of “game” movies, sadly.     And I LOVE Bioshock world… Read more »

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