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Skyforge Announced for PS4

After a long wait, Skyforge is finally coming to Playstation 4 this spring. This sci-fi fantasy adventure will be bigger than ever right in your living room. Register for the game now to receive a free booster pack.
Skyforge Announced for PS4

Skyforge Announced for PS4

Since it came out in the summer of 2015, people have consistently been asking the question:


Will Skyforge ever come to console?


And now in the winter of 2017, the 15th of February, The Skyforge team has announced that the game is going to be coming to Playstation 4 later this year.

The Game’s SkyForge is a third person free to play sci-fi/fantasy MMORPG that came out July of 2015. The game was released for PC when the beta opened in July of 2015. It took you to the planet Aelion where you, among the few immortals left on the planet, fight to protect your world as Aeli did before you. It was originally only for PC, but through careful thought and consideration (or maybe just numerous comments and posts with people wondering if the game will ever come to consoles) Skyforge is finally coming to PS4 later this spring. Right now you can even get a booster pack by registering and if you’re a Playstation Plus member you can get even more.


There is no set price for the game yet, and it’s said to be launching later this spring. So gear up, and prepare for Skyforge!

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