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Earn money writing about games on KeenGamer!

Author: KeenGamer

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Do you wish to earn money simply by doing what you love? Playing games? That is great! But can you also write about it? Do you read all the gaming news and would like to share your knowledge or just make perfect guides or reviews? That is exactly what we need! Read the article to find out if you wish to join our team.

Earn money writing about games on KeenGamer

Who are we?

KeenGamer is a social gaming community website and provides great and unique articles for fans of games no matter the genre or platform. At the same time everyone can get involved either by joining our team or simply create his or her own blog and write whatever he/she wants. Just browse KeenGamer to see it for yourself.

What are we doing?

As you can see around on our site, we publish reviews, previews, gaming news, making sweepstakes giveaways and much more. Soon we will run a new global eshop with games and there are other smaller projects on the way.
Our focus is not only on indie games which are easier to get but we cooperate also with some big publishers of AAA titles.

Why do we need you?

We are building all the time a team of great writers. Either reviewers or people who love everything around gaming and would like to inform others about all the great news. Our current team is working hard and is quite stable but internet and websites in general have no limits. So we want always more and more reviews and articles which will help to make our site living all the time. And for that we need simply more experienced writers.

We have more games than we are able to write about.

Who are we looking for?

Video games reviewers

If you wish to write reviews or even make video reviews for interesting games then join our team. You will learn new things, improve your writing skills, get some games "for free" and also earn some money. It doesn't matter if you play only on Xbox One or PS4 or PC. We have games for every platform but the majority is for PC.

News writers

If you love games, if you follow many twitter accounts, if you simply try to know everything about your favorite games or just gaming in general then this is the job for you. Don't read and dig the information for yourself, share it and earn some money for doing it!

What are we offering?

  • You keep the game you get to review
  • You earn money from the ads published on your articles (details will be given later, minimum is $1 per 1000 views)
As a member of our team, you get a list of games from which you can choose and get games for free to make the coverage. Or you can also ask for a new game you wish to play and review and we will try our best and hopefully get it for you in the name of KeenGamer.

How to apply?

If you like what you read then don’t hesitate and send us an email with answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you experienced with writing reviews (or other gaming articles)?
  2. Send us a review or three news articles for a game of your choice or some nice news in a Word document or link to your recent work. We need to see if you can write well enough and would fit into our team. Check our reviews here or news here to see our layout, structure and how we do the job. Later you will get our guide how to write everything correctly.
  3. Can you make also video reviews or let's plays? Do you wish to do it?
  4. Where are you from?
  5. What do you expect from KeenGamer?
  6. Would you like to write also short gaming news? This could earn you even more money than reviews.
  7. Other info you would like to tell us :-)
We do not guarantee an answer to your application if you don't answer the questions written above and don't send a sample of your work!


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