SEGA Genesis is officially back in production

Retro video game enthusiasts, rejoice, as the beloved SEGA Genesis is now back in production. It’s not exactly how you might think, though.

SEGA Genesis Is Officially Back in Production

Sega’s officially licensed manufacturing partner, Brazil’s TecToy has developed a new Genesis console that not only looks almost identical to the original, but also has a traditional cartridge slot and SD card reader.

Why is a Brazilian company bringing back the old school console, you might ask? Well, because in Brazil, around 150,000 units of the SEGA Genesis still sell each year.

In addition to the likeness, TecToy’s Genesis has an integrated circuit which uses similar components to the original console. It also comes with the classic three-button controller and 22 games in the memory.

Look for TecToy’s Genesis console to release in June 2017 for approximately $138 USD. You can, however, go ahead and pre-order now.

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Nice, a bit like how Nintendo started selling Nintendo NES Mini as there was a high demand for it.



I hope Sony do something like this with bringing a version of the PS1 back or add PS1 backwards compatibility to PS4.

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