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The Wizards

is a VR spellcaster set in a fantasy world, where the player defeats their foes with powerful magic.The protagonist is a young wizard traveling in time to protect the... read more

Alice VR devs creating VR spellcaster game

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

The Wizards is a VR-spellcaster set in a fantasy world, where the player defeats their foes with powerful magic.

Alice VR devs creating VR spellcaster game

The protagonist is a young wizard traveling in time to protect the Realm of Men from the destructive enemy forces. During the adventure, the player visits different lands and faces varying opponents in a high fantasy world. Spell casting in The Wizards is based on the energy of the four elements, and the key to the victory is adapting your tactics to the flow of the battle.

The teaser trailer for The Wizards:

The game is exclusive to VR and uses all the best the technology has to offer. Players can weave spells with their hands using motion controllers, which provides a completely immersive experience in the magical world. With the powerful Unreal Engine 4, the creators want to build a rich and beautiful fantasy world full of stunning visuals.

The Wizards introduces Fate Cards - gameplay modifiers that can change game difficulty and reward value to the player's liking. Fate Cards increase replayability and accessibility, which makes the game satisfying for both challenge seekers and casual connoisseurs. In the Campaign mode, the player gains access to increasingly powerful spells that require cunning and skills to master.


The Wizards is the second VR game by Carbon Studio from Gliwice, Poland. The first title, ALICE VR, had its premiere in October 2016 on Steam and The idea behind The Wizards was conceived during VR Funhouse Game Jam, organized by the Epic Games and NVIDIA. During the event, a team from the Carbon Studio created a prototype of a spellcasting game that uses motion controllers. The goal of the game was to defend a land from oncoming hordes of enemies. This basic mechanic, combined with character development and the Fate Cards system, is the core of the upcoming game.


  • First-person VR spellcaster set in the fantasy world
  • Story mode featuring time travels and heroic battles
  • Intuitive spell casting with motion tracked controllers
  • Various elemental spells to learn and upgrade
  • High replayability thanks to game-modifying Fate Cards
  • Immersive fantasy world built in Unreal Engine 4

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