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GTA V roars into 2017 with brand new content!

Author: Theo Crowshaw

Category: News

With a new year comes new content for Grand Theft Auto 5. Roar onto the streets of Los Santos with the brand new Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle, and take on friends and foe alike in the new Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode. You'll need skill with both your vehicle and your weapons to conquer the competition in the first update of another year of support for the acclaimed

GTA V roars into 2017 with brand new content!
A new year means a whole wealth of new content for the esteemed Grand Theft Auto V, and developers Rockstar have started the year strong with the addition of a brand new motorcycle, along with a chaotic new adversary mode, Vehicle Vendetta.

The new motorcycle, the Pegassi FCR 1000 Custom is a new addition out of Benny's Original Motor Works, combining a retro theme with high levels of customization. This bike will surely prove to be the vehicle of choice for the style-conscious motorcycle enthusiast out there, but it will undoubtedly cost a pretty penny. But hey, who needs money when you have fashion?

Vehicle Vendetta is the brand new adversary mode, pitting you and a set of teammates against an opposing crew of crazed drivers. The two crews will fight for power-ups that can easily turn the tide of the battle by augmenting your vehicle, slowing time, stealing other players' power-ups and more. As an extra bonus, players of the Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode will earn double cash and RP from now until January 17th.

Furthermore, in the typical style of the new year sales, many clothing and weapon options are reduced in price, and the new Vehicle Exports feature has a 25% boost on the cash received, meaning now is the time to not only make savings, but stack some sweet, sweet moolah. This update also gives double cash and RP for participation in Rockstar Stunt Races.

This update is clearly targetted for the dangerous drivers out there, so now is the time to roar back onto the streets of Los Santos and claim your spot as the deadliest driver around.

The Vehicle Vendetta update is live right now on GTA Online.

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