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How To Get Depot Credits and Supply Drops Faster in MWR

Author: Nate Bermudez

Category: Guide

Wanna know how to get Depot Credits and Supply Drops faster in Modern Warfare Remastered? I've got you covered as we go over the best game types and methods. Soon you'll be getting the awesome camos you want a lot faster.

How to get depot credits faster in Modern Warfare Remastered
Ever since Supply Drops were introduced into Modern Warfare Remastered, players have been working hard to discover the fastest way to get Depot Credits. They are the currency used to buy Supply Drops. In this guide, you'll find the best ways I've found to earn credits and parts faster. First off, you must understand how depot credits and parts work. Depot Credits are tied to the amount of time you spend in a match as well as your performance in that match. However, it doesn't punish you for not playing really well. For example, if you spend at least 10 minutes in a match, and perform decently, you'll most likely be earning three credits per match. Parts will come along when you buy supply drops so the faster you earn credits, the more parts you'll be getting. So let's get into the best ways to earn them consistently.

1. Play sabotage

Sabotage is the best game type for earning depot credits
Sabotage is a long forgotten game mode that most players despised. It has a game timer of 20 minutes but can end fast depending on your teammates. The goal in Sabotage is to plant the bomb placed in the middle of the map. The first team to plant and defend the bomb until it's detonation wins the match. To earn 4 credits and maybe, even more, every match of Sabotage, you're gonna have to try to let the timer go out on its own. Meaning you'll have to hold back your team and the enemy team from planting the bomb for about 19 minutes and then plant the bomb and win the match. While doing this you should have plenty of time to rack up a ton of kills for XP.

2. Ground War

Ground War is great for earning depot credits
If you don't like Sabotage, Ground War is also another option. It is a large scale battle game-type that can be very chaotic. It's very fast paced and great for getting depot credits due to the match timers always lasting a pretty long time. Depending on how long the match will last, you'll most likely be getting 3-4 credits per match. Domination is a lot better than Team Deathmatch in Ground War for earning credits.

3. Search and destroy

Search and Destroy, another great game type for earning supply drops
Search and Destroy is another great game type. It can be inconsistent when it comes to earning 4+ credits but is a lot of fun. In one match of Search and Destroy, I was able to earn 4 credits even though I lost. The main thing is to try to get the game to go overtime and balance out with both teams scoring 3 wins. This will allow the game to last well over the average time and give you a good amount of depot credits. Try to win after that, though!

4. All Other Gametypes

How to get Supply drops faster in Modern Warfare Remastered
Whether you like playing Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, or any of the other modes. Depot credits will come along as you play. With these game types you should be earning consistent 1-2 credits, and sometimes 3. While the other game types are more efficient, it's important that you play what you want to play. If you're not having fun, it's going to make the game feel stale. Make sure you play the game type you are comfortable with and have fun!

So did this guide help you earn more credits? Let me know in the comments below! As always be sure to hit the Follow icon above to stay up to date with all things Modern Warfare Remastered!

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