Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide – Demolitionist

Everyone loves a good explosion! Sure, there are those who bash skulls in, use high-tech weaponry, or have fancy marksmanship; but they can't hold a candle to your dynamite! Learn how to blow away the competition with our Demolitionist perk guide!

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Demolitionist


"Who needs an airstrike when you can shoot like that?!"

Killing Floor 2 is host to a menagerie of different play-styles and characters. While some of the options available might be oriented towards dishing out as much mayhem and damage as they can, others might be more keen on defending the team, focusing important targets, or maintaining the group's health.

Demolitionists are the powerhouses of any squad, making their presence known through loud reports and even louder explosions. While Demolitionists might seem like a relatively brain-dead perk to play, you will tell who is experienced and who isn't, based solely on how well they spend their dosh, and how often they blow themselves up.

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A young adult once said "With great power, comes great responsibility." While the Demolitionist perk is an embodiment of power in any squad, it comes at a great cost rather than responsibility. The great cost is a literal one, though, and Demolitionists will typically find themselves starved for dosh in the early game.

Gaining the ability to rig welded doors with explosives, resupply grenades for their team once per round (much like the Support Specialist), and carrying Reactive Armor that explodes when a hit would normally kill you; all as passive abilities, the Demolitionist still has a lot of utility for ensuring a lot of damage is spread across a broad area. As Demolitionists level up, they will increase the damage dealt by their already powerful arsenal, a growing resistance to explosive damage, and a slight increase in maximum explosive rounds every few levels.


Bombardier 5 Shock Trooper
Increase damage of explosive perk weapons 25%. Reload Perk weapons 20% faster and
increase their knockdown and stumble power 25%.
High Impact Rounds 10 Extra Rounds
Increase direct hit damage with explosive weapons 20%. Increase the maximum ammo for explosive perk weapons by 5.
Advanced Techniques
Sonic Resistant Rounds 15 Fragmentation Rounds
Your explosives are immune to the Siren's scream and will always explode. Increase area of effect of explosive perk weapons 50%, but decrease damage 30%.
Weapon Techniques
Armor Piercing Rounds 20 Concussive Rounds
Increase damage of direct hits to critical areas with perk weapons 50%. Increase reaction, stun, stumble, and knockdown power of perk weapons 50%.
Advanced Explosives
ZED TIME – Destroyer of Worlds 25 ZED TIME – Mad Bomber
During Zed Time, your explosives dish out massive radiation damage, poisoning Zeds, and explosive rounds will explode at any range. During Zed Time, you shoot and reload in near real-time, the area of effect of perk weapons increases 25%, and explosive rounds will explode at any range.


There are two important paths that a Demolitionist can take; either going down the route of doing very high damage for the squad, or exchanging the extra stopping power for the ability to knock zeds around more often. While a Demolitionist might not be getting as many clean kills if they take Shock Trooper over Bombardier, but when higher difficulty enemies are going take a few more grenades or rockets to take down, the increased chance to knock them off their feet – preventing them from threatening your team – will prove useful on more than a handful of occasions. For those playing on Hard or Normal difficulties, the Bombardier skill is still very useful, since it actually will make a difference of one or two rockets required to kill some zeds.


Believe it or not, Demolitionists can be very accurate with their weapons. Once they've adjusted for the launch arc of their grenade launchers, or the travel time of their rockets, Demolitionists should consider taking High Impact Rounds to add on to the extra damage dealt by direct hits from their weapons. While this runs the obvious risk of entirely missing your intended target, there are bound to be more zeds around any large or powerful specimens, and you could always try aiming for their knees instead of their feet if you are getting used to directly hitting targets.

If you find yourself missing often, don't disregard the additional five rounds of ammunition given by the Extra Rounds skill; as it essentially gives players the bonus ammo granted by a level 25 Demolitionist level, but you receive the benefit much earlier.


I would never really say this in any other scenario; but players should only choose one of the options at this rank. Sonic Resistant Rounds are necessary for Demolitionists that want to continue benefiting the team throughout a match. Sirens will nullify nearly every weapon in a Demolitionist's arsenal if they begin screaming. If a team is unable to get a Demolitionist's explosives to work if they are being swarmed by a horde with Sirens in the mix, that team is as good as dead.

Fragmentation Rounds will make every perk weapon the Demolitionist uses fire what is similar to the Commando's HE Grenades; but the benefits of this perk are far outweighed by what the Sonic Resistant Rounds offer.


This is the ultimate decision between whether a Demolitionist wants to support the team, or just become the squad's slayer of monsters. Granted, the Armor Piercing Rounds​ skill requires some above-average accuracy on the Demolitionist's part, but the skill works wonders against the Patriarch boss, and even Hans; so long as they can hit smaller targets.​​​ Even while playing Hell on Earth difficulty, the additional 50% of damage added onto the bonus critical damage against zeds means a good Demolitionist can take out Fleshpounds in as little as two or three rockets from an RPG.

For those that get a giggle out of making enemies flop all over the place, the Concussive Rounds​ skill is great at knocking over Bloats, Husks, Scrakes, and Fleshpounds with any nearby blast force from perk weapons. While you lose out on the extra 50% damage, you can still shoot at the enemies' weak points for critical damage, and ​​​you can now disable more dangerous zeds by shooting at the legs to stumble a bigger one's charge, or knock these buggers off their feet entirely while the team unloads all they have into the prone, vulnerable targets. Be careful though; you can only knock a zed down once in their life before they are essentially immune to further knockdowns; but that doesn't stop you from stumbling and staggering them after the fact.


The fact that either of these skills will cause a Demolitionist's perk weapons to explode in their face sounds discouraging, but one should keep in mind that fully leveled Demolitionists have a 60% explosive resistance. Sure, their weapons will still deal a decent amount of damage, but it should never be enough to kill the user outright.

The Destroyer of Worlds skill essentially turns any explosive you fire into a small nuke. The radiation damage dealt by ZED Time explosives really is massive, able to kill nearby zeds (yes, even those not caught in the original explosion) within moments.

For a perk that spends a lot of their time reloading their single-chamber weapons, the Mad Bomber skill is great at mitigating the chance that you will be forced to watch yourself reload in slow-motion for the umpteenth time. It will not deal as much straight-up damage as the Destroyer of Worlds skill, but the increased explosive radius will make up for the lack of bursting radiation damage (which might knock nearby zeds down if coupled with Shock Trooper and Concussive Rounds​)​​​.


Demolitonists should be prepared to bash enemies ('V' key by default on PC) a lot with their weapons. Otherwise you will waste ammunition on a single enemy at a time, deal self-damage in poor scenarios, an run out of ammunition regardless by the time you encounter more dangerous threats.

Conservation of ammo is a key factor in what makes a great Demolitionist.


Killing Floor 2's HX-25 Grenade PistolAt first, this weapon will seem like an over-glorified turd. While that is the case when compared to the rest of the Demolitionist's weapons, players should use this weapon during the early waves, as it does wonders against groups of Clots. The bursting rounds of this weapon almost seem like some sort of explosives-rigged flare gun, and this weapon benefits greatly for Demolitionists using the Bombardier and Armor Piercing Rounds skills.


Killing Floor 2's C4
A great Demolitionist can make an inch into a mile if they're efficient with C4. With a bashing speed as quick as their Grenade Pistol, the C4 is great for Demolitionists that want to play a little bit of Berserker while they save up for more powerful weapons. While this weapon is put to much better use when laying down traps, it can still be thrown into large groups of zeds and detonated at soon as it reaches the intended target. Each C4 is thrown individually, and are then detonated in the order that they were activated, going from oldest to newest.

For those without Sonic Resistant Rounds, beware. A single scream from a Siren can destroy an entire pile of C4 instantly, so use them with a lot of caution in this case.


Killing Floor 2's M79 Grenade Launcher
This weapon makes for great overall use in a Demolitionist's arsenal. Carrying the highest amount of explosive rounds for the perk, the Grenade Launcher is great at clearing out clumps of zeds surrounding a more important target (such as a Husk, Siren, Scrake, etc.). While it sucks that the weapon has to be reloaded after every shot, this can be mitigated with the Shock Trooper skill.


Killing Floor 2's RPG-7
The undisputed king of carnage, the RPG-7 is the best-damaging weapon in the game overall. The only thing that makes the difference between good and great Demolitionists is how well the player is at assessing a combat scenario. The only way to fight poorly with this weapon is if you are wasting it on single, weak zeds at a time. This weapon is great at hitting targets from a distance accurately, and has the most benefit when paired with accuracy-oriented skills such as High Impact Rounds and Armor Piercing Rounds.

Oh, and mind the back-blast!


Killing Floor 2's M4 203 Assault Rifle
It must seem odd that the Demolitionist has a perk weapon that looks like it would rather be in the Commando's arsenal, but that is not the case due to a single grenade-launcher attachment. The M4 203 was added to the game after the Demolitionist perk was introduced, and some still don't realize it exists.

Although it is listed after the RPG on the Trader's list, this weapon is priced cheaper than the RPG, making it a decent upgrade for Demolitionists that don't have Sonic Resistant Rounds. The weapon has two types of ammunition, much like the Berserker's Eviscerator; bullets, and grenades. The alternative fire of this weapon launches the grenade, and primary fire sends bullets down range.

The two most prominent uses for this weapon is when going up against Bloats, leading to easy head-popping for an otherwise ignored enemy of the Demolitionist, or as a primary weapon for Demolitionists without Sonic Resistant Rounds (but seriously, take this skill).


Technically the most damaging grenade of all the perks due to the Demolitionist's ability to improve upon their explosive damage; the Dynamite turns any mercenary into a rabid prospector with a lot of threat for hordes. While the weapon itself is not too special, it is the only weapon that explodes upon direct contact with zeds, giving it the possibility of having the shortest fuse of all the perk grenades in the game.


There are a number of enemies that you will stand against as you massacre your way through central Europe on a mission to exterminate the specimen outbreak. The Support Specialist is there to bottleneck zeds and keep the pressure off of their allies by applying pressure on all other zeds without much difficulty.. This portion of the guide will cover each of the specimens in the typical order that they arrive.


Killing Floor 2's HistKilling Floor 2's Alpha ClotKilling Floor 2's Slasher
These three variants make up the basic enemy of Killing Floor 2, with each of the three having a unique behavior associated with them.

The Hist is like a child, if the child were still dangerous and thirsty for blood. This enemy moves lethargically, and does not have much agility; only a desire to kill the mercenaries.

The Alpha Clot is pretty much the same clot we all remember from the original Killing Floor. While they don't do much aside from walk (or run) towards the player and seem upset about something, there is not much to worry about from this variant.

The Slasher is the most dangerous of the three, behaving like a mix between the Alpha Clot and the Crawler (shown below). This enemy can come from locations players might not expect, such as vents and sewer holes, much like Crawlers. These enemies will move the fastest of the three, and will begin rolling under gunfire on higher difficulties.

The most important thing to note about these enemies is that all of them can grab the player; holding them in place while their friends surround you and tear you apart.

The Grenade Pistol is the most effective weapon against these enemies if you are in early waves. The gun does laughable damage against zeds with larger health pools, but this weapon is guaranteed to stun any Clots that aren't killed outright by the weapon.

Once a Demolitionist has upgraded their arsenal, though, they should ignore single Clots when deciding on targets to fire at. Only fire upon Clots if you see them in groups of five or more; otherwise you are wasting ammunition.


Killing Floor 2's Crawler
Arachnid and man, merged into one. What seemed like the everyday Spiderman turned into a nightmare for Horzine with these small, skittering specimens. These enemies can appear in unusual locations like the Slashers, but they do not stand on two legs and walk towards their targets, instead preferring to stay close to the ground before pouncing at their enemies from a close distance. These enemies are not much of a problem alone, but a swarm, if left unchecked, can quickly take down a mercenary before they have a chance to escape. Being one of the fastest common enemies in the game, the only saving grace for players is that they are very frail, only needing a couple shots to take down.

Once again, the Grenade Pistol is a good choice for killing these enemies, and should be the only weapon used directly against this enemy. It really​ sucks, but Demolitionists should ignore this enemy in targeting priority, only killing them with explosives if they are near more threatening targets.

If Crawlers are getting close, just bash them until they die. The knock-back ​​​from the bash should give you enough time to either bash another Crawler, or fire into a more dangerous group. If you still need to reload your weapon once a Crawler begins attacking you, do not reload until the Crawler is dead.


Killing Floor 2's Stalker
Invisible women out to get you; it is not as nice as it sounds. The Stalker is about as agile as the Slasher, but comes equipped with a cloaking field which allows them to get close to a team before striking. While the cloaking field does not make the Stalker completely invisible, it does obscure their form enough to make it difficult for players to spot either how far away or how many are in a group. Moving just a bit faster than the Slasher, and doing a fair amount of damage with their acrobatic kicks and swipes; a small group of these enemies can overrun a lone mercenary very quickly if allowed to get too close.

Demolitionists will hate this zed. Not because they do a lot of damage or are a counter to the perk; but because unaware Demolitionists might accidentally fire a rocket that gets intercepted by a Stalker. Sure, it will kill the Stalker, but it will most often leave the Demolitionist with a wasted shot and a forced reload as the bigger threat continues to move.

Focus on bashing these enemies and making them visible, hoping that your squad shoots them for you.


Killing Floor 2's Bloat
The Bloat is a bullet sponge in every sense of the term. The high resistance to nearly all types of damage make it essential to headshot this enemy before he gets close enough to vomit on anyone. Mercenaries who get covered in a Bloat's bile will take damage over time, as well as have their vision blurred by the effects of the bile itself. On higher difficulties, Bloats will run towards players and raise their cleavers in front of their face to defend themselves from incoming fire, as well as occasionally leaving bile-mines for players to unwittingly step upon.

Don't shoot at these guys, ever. They are extremely resistant to explosives, and will take a couple direct rockets to take down. let your squad shoot these guys for you, or pop the head off with either you 9mm or the M4 203.


Killing Floor 2's Gorefast
Lacking skin, a lower jaw, and any form of human sympathy, the psychopathic Gorefasts will rush down their enemies, waving their tied-on machetes and swinging wildly with bloodlust. These enemies are the fastest of the common enemies, and one of the toughest as well, taking a handful of headshots just to pop the skull off. On higher difficulties, this enemy will hold their machete in front of their head to try and deflect bullets.

This is something the Demolitionist should consider a threat, especially in groups. Fire rockets as closely as you can to the 'center' of these groups of zeds. They are not weak to explosives, but have low enough health that a single rocket can take them out, and a single grenade can at least weaken them enough to only take a shot or two before dying, greatly reducing their threat to the squad.

If you find yourself being chased by a Gorefast, do not fire a round at the single enemy. Wait until they are about to attack you, then bash; resulting in a cancelled attack and a stunned Gorefast. Keep doing this until either your squad kills the chasers for you, or you kill the zed yourself with bashes.


Killing Floor 2's Siren
The Siren is a specimen that does not charge down players in the same way that all other zeds do. Instead, these enemies move at about the same rate as Hists, using their literally lethal scream to damage players (ignoring body armor and going straight against health). Not only that, but the radial scream that Sirens produce will destroy grenades and rockets mid-flight, making them a considerable threat with their ability to disable a team's utility.

The Siren is the universally despised uncommon zed which causes Demolitionists to cry in grief and anger upon hearing her scream. This enemy should be prioritized by Demolitionists as soon as they are spotted, preferably before they are close enough to start screaming. This zed will deal damage and act like a shield against explosives for any zeds surrounding her, making her a real pain to take care of for those without Sonic Resistant Rounds.


Killing Floor 2's Husk
The zeds' attempt at a Firebug, the Husk is a specimen that utilizes attacks from a distance through the use of a Fireball launcher which can light a team of mercenaries on fire. This enemy is tough, but can still be taken out through focused fire or a lot of damage from a single attack. Essentially immune to fire, it is not recommended that mercenaries use fire-based attacks against this specimen. To make matters worse, Husks at low health will charge at the group before attempting to self-detonate themselves in a flaming kamikaze. At higher difficulties, the Husk will use their Fireball launcher like a flamethrower, doing massive amounts of damage and setting players on fire.

This enemy, while resistant to explosives, is still weak enough that well-placed direct hits from the more powerful Demolitionist perk weapons can kill them in a single shot. Their threat to the squad from range makes them a moderate priority for Demolitionists, and are not a wasted investment to fire against, especially if they're in groups.


Killing Floor 2's Scrake
This chainsaw-for-an-arm maniac is a considerable threat to any squad. Their arrival is made known by a noticeable sound cue of a chainsaw being revved up, followed by the roaring laughter of the Scrake. This enemy will walk towards their target, pointing in their direction, and pantomiming threats. When brought to half their max health, a Scrake will go into a frenzy; running at the mercenaries and swinging their chainsaw in combos and wide arcs. On higher difficulties, a Scrake will raise their chainsaw in front of their face in an attempt to block incoming fire.

The Scrake makes Demolitionists cry out of grief rather than anger. This enemy is resistant to explosives, and has a good chunk of health to boot; meaning a Demolitionist is more likely to cause an unnecessary rage if fired upon. Do not shoot at a Scrake until your team has caused the Scrake to rage first before helping finish it off; a lot of your weapons take a long time to reload, and the time taken between shots could result in the death of one of your squad-mates.

This enemy is still very susceptible to knock-down and stunning from Demolitionists running the right skills, and the M4 203 shines against the Scrake, as this enemy is weak to bullet damage.


Killing Floor 2's Fleshpound
The distinct, guttural roar of pure hatred that announces the arrival of a Fleshpound is a noise that makes the hearts of entire squads drop into their stomachs. Nothing about this zed is subtle, from the giant frame the specimen boasts, to the glowing adrenaline monitor that functions as life support, or the meat-grinding devices attached to his arms, which glow red-hot from the friction caused by their spinning; the Fleshpound is a harbinger of death.

These hulking behemoths are resistant to all but two types of damage, one of which is explosive, making Demolitionists a direct counter to Fleshpounds. Do not be alarmed when a single shot from your weapons causes this enemy to fly into a rampage (actually, still be a little alarmed). A Demolitionist is a primary contributor to fights against Fleshpounds, and can resolve the fight in a matter of seconds if initiated with a couple C4 explosives.

Demolitionists are granted bonus experience for killing Fleshpounds, so consider it incentive to take on these threats.



Short-length games are Hell for Demolitionists; do not start these games as this perk. If you are seriously considering playing the Demolitionist in a short-length game, start with a class which is much better suited for making money (such as the Firebug, Field Medic, or Berserker). You will have to learn how to efficiently use C4 in these games, as the burst damage they deal over the M79 makes them much better at killing Fleshpounds.


Medium-length games are still very difficult for Demolitionists, typically only getting their RPG near the final two waves; about a wave or two after Fleshpounds begin appearing. You will need to trust that your allies will have enough money to share with you if you plan on playing Demolitionist the entire time. Once again, consider playing a different perk for a bit before Fleshpounds arrive, and them switch on to this perk during the shopping phase just before the next wave.


For all intents and purposes, consider the long-games as the standard length for Killing Floor titles. The balance of time and a team's upgrade rate is the most consistent in 10-round games. Demolitionists are most viable during long games; as long as they are able to spend wisely.

Your first round should be spent using your Grenade Pistol, killing as many Clots as you can before your allies do. It is selfish, to be sure, but your use with this weapon will only get worse as the rounds continue. After the first round, sell your Grenade Pistol, and hope that you enough dosh to afford either the C4 or Grenade Launcher (it is really up to player preference).

You should use your weapons sparingly, only shooting at groups of at least five, or aiming for stronger zeds so that your team is not being threatened. As long as you're conserving ammo and making your money by surviving waves, you will gain a lot of your money just for surviving.

If necessary (and it most likely will be), sell your C4/Grenade Launcher to get the RPG by wave 5. Your squad is going to encounter Scrakes by this point, and although you won't be able to do a terrible amount of damage, the RPG's direct hits will still make moderate dents in a Scrake's health (again, making sure not to fire until they begin raging).

Ideally, you will want to have C4 and your RPG by wave 7, with preference for the RPG, since this is when Fleshpounds will begin appearing. Aim for their cores (or head if you have Armor Piercing Rounds) and initiate your fights with a lot of burst damage from C4. If you have Support Specialists on the team, work with them to weld doors shut and bunch up a lot of zeds at choke points before they destroy the door – and themselves – giving you a lot of dosh and experience in the process. To make Supports even more useful, you can have them rebuild these destroyed doors to set another door trap.


Currently, there are two bosses in the game, Dr. Hans Volter, an old German scientist who worked with Horzine before taking part in creating the specimens; and the Patriarch, the head scientist for the entire research project, and self-proclaimed 'father' to all of the zeds. The chance for either of these bosses spawning is random, and teams will not have a chance to change their perks or equipment once the wave has begun and the boss has arrived.


Killing Floor 2's Nazi scientist, Hans Volter
The Nazi scientist who still believes in the Reich, Hans Volter was one of the leading scientists for Horzine's specimen project before being convinced with what the team's head scientist had in mind. Keeping himself alive with an integrated life-support system outfitted with an exosuit to augment his physical capabilities, Hans attacks the squad with Freddy Kruger-inspired syringe gauntlets and a pair of StG-44 assault rifles, referred to as "Twin Fangs" by the doctor.

This is going to break some hearts, but Hans is resistant to explosive damage. Not all hope is lost, though; Demolitionists with the Bombardier skill (which should be swapped to prior to any boss wave) can offset the damage resistance of their weapons. Be sure to only fire at the glowing core on his back to make the most use of your shots.

Hans will occasionally throw out gas grenades and fragmentation grenades in bundles to try and disrupt the squad. Commandos have nothing to mitigate this damage, or help their allies. Dodge the grenades as best as you can, and hope the rest of your squad does the same.

Once Hans has lost most of his health, he will activate a shield (shown as a narrow blue bar above his health) and toss a handful of smoke grenades at the squad before trying to rush down an ally, claws extended. If you coordinate an attack with the rest of your squad, keep at a distance and keep firing at Hans' shield to try and resolve the fight quickly, otherwise run away and try to avoid being the one caught and sapped. Regardless of what happens, Hans will move very quickly, making him a harder target to hit; and his shield is resistant to all types of damage.

If your squad is able to destroy Hans' shield before he can heal, he will no longer attempt to heal himself, making for an easier fight to finish. If allowed to heal, though, he will regain up to 80% of his max health, doing this up to three times before going into his final phase.

Hans' shield is very resistant to explosive damage, so you will not be able to do much with your perk weapons during this phase. What you can do instead, though, is carry around your C4 and wait for Hans to grab a player. While he is draining your ally, lay down two C4, and prepare to throw Dynamite at Hans once he drops the shield. As soon as he does this, set off the C4 after throwing the Dynamite. It will deal a considerable amount of damage to the health healed back. Be careful though, it requires a good reaction time; too early and your damage will be resisted, too late and Hans might run away from your C4 before you set it off, greatly reducing the damage (or negating it entirely).

Hans will become more aggressive as he gets to later stages of his life (indicated by the lights in his suit). His attacks will change up to include attacking with the bayonets of his Twing Fangs (eventually becoming unblockable attacks in the final two stages), making large, leaping attacks with his claws (once again, unblockable), and throwing out more grenades more often, causing a lot of confusion and having the possibility to deal a lot of damage near the end.

Accuracy is the key to this fight; aim for where you suspect Hans' core is going to be when lining up rockets, and you should be doing fair amounts of damage throughout the fight, hopefully ending it without casualty.


Killing Floor 2's main antagonist, The Patriarch
This is a mean individual who has decided that genetic engineering is the key to a successful, elevated human future. Unfortunately for humanity, this involves cloning a bunch of mutants with no interest in anything other than the elimination of all humans. The Patriarch, is the head of this entire problem, and he exemplifies this logic to a terrifyingly simple solution; a rocket launcher/mini-gun combo for and arm.

The Patriarch utilizes a cloaking system much like the Stalker, making him hard to spot for casual observers. Try to hold off on firing on the Patriarch until he disables his cloak; the chance of missing a shot and having to reload is nasty for your squad.

Your high resistance to explosives gives you, specifically, more of a fighting a chance if caught in a position where you cannot take cover from his rockets. While the improved survival chances are nice; be sure you are aiming for the front of the Patriarch's torso. For Demolitionists using the Armor Piercing Rounds skill, you will deal a LOT of damage with every rocket you send his way.

Use caution once you see the color of the Patriarch's health change. He will try to run away and heal up to two times when his health is low. Do not follow the Patriarch at this time, since you cannot hope to stand a chance against this boss alone, especially if you follow him into territory you are not prepared to fight in. Keep an eye on all of the zeds he summons, and be sure to start bashing! Save as much ammo as you can, unless your squad is able to clump the zeds into a convenient target for you. Once the zeds have been taken care of, hope you can spot the Patriarch once he returns. Stay with your squad, and trust they can defend you while you keep dishing out most of the damage.

Demolitionists are in a very important role during the fight with the Patriarch, dealing a majority of the damage the squad is putting out, you must do everything you can to keep your distance from this boss. If he catches you in melee range, he will pursue you for a much longer period of time before changing targets (this only gets worse at later stages, once he speeds up against your already slow movement speed).

You will have to coordinate with your squad on this one. If your squad is broken up, or you begin losing allies during the fight, your death is almost guaranteed.


Demanding much more intelligence and respect they are given; Demolitionists are a controversial addition to squads. While their selfish demeanor – dosh-wise – can be a bit off-putting; it pays off once they are equipped with proper weaponry to fight off the zed hordes.

With the ability to rig doors with explosives, and getting the ability to stave off a single hit at low health by destroying all nearby zeds, the Demolitionist perk is the most difficult to play due to the absolute necessity to stay alive at all costs, or risk losing a lot of progress.

You will be starved for dosh until you are able to survive a wave or two with your RPG. So long as you're making your shots count, you should be able to offset the high ammunition price with the low quantity required to keep fighting.

Acting like a walking bombing run for any squad; the Demolitionist possesses an air of avarice, whether by squad-mates or the zeds; and it's justified. Requiring a lot of tactical awareness, this perk can prove frustrating for many players, and will take time to learn the curve, but can change the tide of any fight in an instant if played competently. For players that with to rely on their squad to get the job, but would rather do more damage than the Field Medic, consider trying out the Demolitionist.

Guides will be made available regularly for each of the perks in sequential order, if you would like to check out our other perk guides, click on any that interest you below:

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