Ubisoft Announces DLC Will No Longer Restrict Experiences

Ubisoft announced a change of direction for future DLC due to the success of Rainbow Six Siege's model. Downloadable content will no longer restrict player's experiences via a paywall and will instead be used for optional extras such as cosmetic items. The decision is intended to be a positive change for both the consumer and the publisher.

Ubisoft Announces DLC Will No Longer Restrict Experiences
After the continued success of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has announced changes to the way it will implement DLC in future games.

In Siege, players are given access to all multiplayer maps and modes for free rather than having to purchase expansions or map packs. As a result, the playerbase has remained strong and undivided since the title's release last year, with no players left at the wayside because they are unwilling or unable to pay to expand their experience. This is made possible by purchasable cosmetic items that are in no way mandatory but, rather, are an added bonus for those who are happy with the game and willing to spend a little extra cash to show it.

It is Ubisoft's intention to make use of a similar model for its future titles as well as to support those titles for five to ten years after their release. Ubisoft's VP of Live Operations, Anne Blondel-Jouin, claims that "monetisation is something we have to be very careful about, and my team is in charge of that and making sure we find a right balance."

She likens the process to that of an amusement park:

"You can go through all the rides, but then you can also go to the shop to buy some food or merchandise or whatever… regardless of whether you spend in the shop, you're still part of the whole experience. Nobody is making you buy if you don't want to, but it is another way to have a different entertainment experience."

"It is just an extra piece of revenue for us, which comes from gamers being happy. If gamers were not happy, we would not ask for that extra money."

Blondel-Jouin goes on to say that:

"it is also more fair for both Ubisoft and the gamers, as it is an extra proposal for them and they even take it or not. This new way of doing things, is because it is Ubisoft's responsibility to deliver gamers with the best quality possible."

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