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Rockstar showcases GTA Online's Halloween Update

Author: Theo Crowshaw

Category: News

With last year's Halloween update going down a treat with players, Rockstar follows up on their constant success by adding more content for this year's spooky festivities. Will you be wandering the dark streets of San Andreas tonight?

Rockstar showcases GTA Online's Halloween Update
Halloween is right around the corner, and Rockstar have announced their offering for this year, including a new vehicle, some new cosmetics, and RP & GTA $ boosts for seasonal gamemodes. 2015 was a very successful year for Rockstar, especially with the addition of the Slasher Halloween event, and they aim to top it this year.

2016's Halloween Event sees the return of two fan favourite vehicles: The Lurcher Hearse and Franken Strange. Along with these comes the terrifyingly intimidating LCC Sanctus motorcycle, adorned with a glowing skull because, lets face it, it wouldn't be Halloween without skulls.

This update also sees the addition of another Adversary mode: Lost & DamnedIn this mode, teams of devils and angels are pitted against each other in a unique game of Team Deathmatch. The game will switch from day to night at 60 seconds intervals, with the daytime powering up the Angels, and the night powering up the Devils. In their respective times of power, each team will gain buffs including regenerating armour, health, and advanced weapon options. Points are earned through kills during times of power, creating a morbid game of cat and mouse.

Also unlockable during the event are two brand new t-shirts, obtained by simply logging onto GTA Online whilst the event is active. You will also gain a third shirt if you choose the purchase the LCC Sanctus.

And finally, jump into GTA Online on the 31st of October to enjoy double RP and GTA $ on Halloween adversary modes such as Come Out To Play, Beast vs Slasher and the classic Slasher

Slasher was released in 2015, pitting a group of survivors against a deranged serial killer
This update also includes a myriad of masks, facepaints, bobbleheads, and horns, as well as a 30% discount on selected vehicles and weapons to celebrate GTA Online's third birthday. If you're an avid GTA Online player, make sure to log on and make the most of the Halloween update, all seasonal items that you don't get now will be locked again until next year after the event finishes.

The Halloween event runs from the 28th of October until the 7th of November.

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